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Insurance agent appointments


Insurance agent appointments

Do I need to find an insurance company to sponsor me first, or can I just study for licensing exams and once I pass them look for a company to work for. Also, would passing the licensing exams help me to go into claims. I am currently working in customer service.

Hi David, I just passed my general lines p&c test and have a job offer. My question is should I be worried about a class b misdemeanor theft charge that was dismissed? I had deferred prosecution, not deferred adjudication. I never pled guilty. So I can honestly say no to all the background questions. The arrest will show though. In my statement to the DOI, what info should I include? Also should I disclose all the info to my potential employer, since it was all dismissed?

Hello, did this work out for you I am in the same process. Please let me know any tips would really appreciate it.

I did get my license through the state. Didn’t have any issues with that.

Awesome. Did u just provide courts docs and statement? I will be submitting this wk

Yes. The applicant in this case provided docs and that was sufficient to get his license issued. good luck!

Hi David I have working on becoming an independent agent. I have pass my test and finger printed, however the insurance company I was going to represent was starting do a lot of shady business. So my question is do I need to representing a insurance company before the state issue me the two year permit

I believe that in order to get your property & casualty license, the state of Texas requires you to be appointed and sponsored by either a general agent, an agency, or carrier. If you’ve already passed the licensing exam, I suggest you continue looking for agencies or companies to work for. It’s good you have an ethical foundation. The industry needs more people like you! I hope you find something soon!

Good Luck!
David Berry

Hi David .. I just stumbled on your blog while surfing the internet on how to become a licensed Insurance agent in Texas and I was thrilled by our detailed information as regards. First contact via reading your post, I could see a rare display of professionalism and wit in you.
Having said that, I will proceed in doing my pre licensing exams and would like to get back to you on the way forward. I am a licensed Realtor, I live in Houston and I presently working as an agent with Keller Williams..
Once again, I say thank you for this enlightenment.

Hi Joshua, Thanks for the warm comments and feedback. Good luck in your pre-licensing exams. What type of insurance are you looking to sell in the houston area? I wish you the best. Please let me know how you do in your journey.

I have bad credit, currently a 541. I have 6 collections including a Court Judgement. I intend to pay all 5 collections but the Judgement. It’s for an apartment complex that was unfair. I have no Felony/Misdemeanor Convictions. Will I:

A. Have any problem getting a License

B. Have any problem finding a job.

Also, if I do have a problem finding a job, do you know of any Companies who overlook adverse credit history?

Thanks for your question. I don’t foresee your having difficulties obtaining your insurance license. As far as insurance jobs, everyone is different. Based on what you’re telling me, I’ve seen agents with much worse credit. I say go for it! If I come across companies information regarding companies hiring, I’ll post it on this site.
Good Luck!

Hello Dave
1. I had passed the property and casualty insurance exam back on June 2013. However, I didn’t start the application process as I don’t have clarity on some part of the application.
Which is part VI, Notice of appointment . As I understood I need a company who could sponsor me to get the license. Therefore, is filling that part necessary to get the license in Texas ?
2. Like I said I passed the exam in 2013, do I need to take it again?
3. My plan is to be an agent to different insurance companies, is that worthier than being only for one agent? And how to approach those insurance companies.
I really appreciate your help.

I’m certain that your insurance examination results have expired. So, you’ll need to pass the test and get fingerprinted again. As far as getting contracted with different companies, it probably best to get a little experience with an agency first. There’s a lot to learn in the insurance world. Aside from learning insurance coverage, as agency owner, you also need to learn the business of running an insurance agency as well as procedures for all the different carriers you represent. So, get your training first and work for someone while you do it. Remember, you will have to interview with your carriers as well. They want to ensure they’re hiring the right agent for their company. Hope this helps!

hi David, i recently opened my own auto insurance agency about 4 months ago, i have the property and casualty license, and im trying to get my sister to work with me and i wanted to know what is the best license for her to get?
property and casualty, county mutual or wich one do you recomend for her to get?…. thanks!

Hi Mariana,
If you’re selling auto insurance, the county mutual license would get your sister started selling car insurance the fastest. However, if you want to grow your agency, you should help her get a General Lines Property and Casualty License. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck to you and your sister in your new agency!

Hey there David,
Ive recently been considered for employment with state farm. I was placed on deferred probation ten years ago on two charges and finished my probation and my cases were eventually disposed. Am i eligible for employment with them and able to get a P&C license?

I wish I could give you a direct answer. Since I don’t work for State Farm, I cannot attest to their requirements for hire or contracting. Regarding the state of Texas, it depends on your charges and the final disposition of those charges. I think it would be best if you start by having a candid conversation with your State Farm Insurance Recruiter. Give them specifics of your background so that they can give you an instant indication as to whether you’re eligible for hire with them. Trust me, they’ve heard it all. In the end, if you’re looking for a career in the insurance business, then honesty is the best policy. Good luck!

Hello, did this work out for you I am in the same process.

I was trying to find out what steps I would need to take to start the process of owning and operating my own independent insurance company. If you can give me a call I’d really appreciate it. 713-885-2642

Thanks for reaching out. It’s been a busy start to the year. I will try to call you this week. If I cannot call you, feel free to call my office and leave a message. Since January is the busy season for both health insurance and property-casualty, I’m working extra hours right now. While Houston is a tough market, the right agent be really successful.
Thanks for reaching out!
David erry

David Berry how are you? Thanks for providing information and details how to obtain license. My situation from 97-2005 I was convicted for theft , prost, and a theft by check. Then due to having multiple charges in 2012 I was convicted on lewd immortal conduct ,I solicited a drink to an officer. I explained my story to the company which cleared me for hire. Then this!! I was told it’s a different process. The licensing agent told me she was worried about my multiple charges. She stated to get all charges and conviction also provide recommendation letters. To also provide a letter why I committed those crimes. I’ve changed my life since then gave my life to Christ. I’m worried leaving my current job for this one and then go through the testing etc. then to be denied. I’m all over the place right now, have you ever known someone to have multiple charges and get approved?

Hi Shanta, To make a long story short, I would suggest attempting to get your license first. All insurance agents and companies will ask about your background. The biggest concern for many will be whether you can get licensed by the state of Texas. The application asks questions regarding “moral turpitude”. Once you answer “yes” to that question, you’ll have to provide additional information; so be prepared. I think the theft by check charge will fall into that category. The person, that told you to provide your letters and copies of court documents, pointed you in the right direction. I once called the state of Texas regarding an agent that had items in his background. The analyst told me that any time a person answers “yes” to the “moral turpitude” question, it takes 3-4 additional weeks to review the application. So you can expect it to take at least 2 months to approve any application you submit for licensing. On the bright side, I’ve heard stories of people with various felonies get approved by the state of Texas. In the end, I suggest studying and applying for your license before leaving your job. I can help you sign up for an online pre-licensing course. If you can get approved by the state, first; you stand a much better chance of getting a job in the insurance field. Good luck!

Please let me know any tips would really appreciate it. Did this work out for you I am in the same process.


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