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Illinois insurance agents ( Video

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Illinois insurance agents


How To Become An Insurance Agent In Illinois

What Kind Of Agent Are You Going To Be?

How To Get Your Insurance License In Illinois

1. Pre-License Education

The first step in getting an Illinois insurance license is taking pre-license education courses. These are state required courses pertaining to the subject matter that will be on the license exam. To fill the pre-license requirement, you must complete a certain amount of credit hours depending on the lines of authority (types of licenses) you wish to attain.

Each line of authority in Illinois requires twenty (20) hours of pre-license education. This means that if you wish to get a Property and Casualty license, you must take forty (40) hours of pre-licensing, and for Life, Accident, & Health you must also take forty (40) hours. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. Keep this certificate, as you will need it when taking your exam.

Illinois is unique in that seven and one half (7.5) of those pre-license education hours must be in a physical classroom setting. The rest can either be in person or online. The goal isn’t just to get the courses out of the way, it’s to prepare you to pass your license exam on the first attempt.


For pre-license education products and courses, StateRequirement recommends:

2. Insurance License Exams

The next step after completing all of your pre-license coursework is to take the insurance exam. You will take one exam for each line of insurance you wish to carry. Life, Accident, & Health (LA&H) and Property & Casualty (P&C) are a total of four lines. Pearson Vue in Illinois offers these four exams in two “back to back” exams, so you will essentially take four tests, but if you pass them on your first try, you will only have to sit for exams twice. This option does not shorten the exams, but it does allow you to save the fee for one exam sitting.

You must pass your exams within one year of completing your pre-license education course. Illinois offers what is called “partial pass” for these exams. This means that if you take one of the exams and pass one part, but not the other, you will receive a waiver for the parts that you have passed on the next attempt at the exam. If you pass one part on an exam, you have ninety (90) days to pass the other part of the exam.

This is a proctored test, which means that you will be in a controlled environment with a person watching you. For people who haven’t tested in a situation like this should be aware of this fact, and work on taming their nerves prior to sitting for the exam.

The fee for each attempt of the exams is $102 for each “back to back producer exam” (P&C and LA&H). When you show up you must have two (2) forms of ID, including a photo ID, and the original pre-license education certificate. Each “back to back” exam will be four (4) parts. An outline of each exam is available on this Pearson Vue PDF.

You must score a “70” on each exam to pass. More information about testing and scoring in the Pearson Vue Illinois Insurance Licensing Candidate Handbook.

Check out our Insurance Exam Guide. It’s extremely in-depth, and will hopefully help you pass the first time.

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