A warning – bank accounts used in fraud attempts, union bank.#Union #bank

union bank

Bank account details from recent Internet fraud attempts

Information from this page has been copied, without our consent, and appears on several sites including Nairaland Forum . Researchers should be aware of this. If you are looking for background information on any of the accounts mentioned, it might not be a good idea to mail a Nigerian site.

UK banks – wake up! The criminals are busy opening accounts in your branches right now! They are using the accounts to launder money! You are not educating your staff and you have no adequate abuse reporting system! You spend millions on ridiculous TV ads designed to make people feel secure about your brands, but this is all for naught if you neglect the issue of fraud accounts. Nowadays informed people will carry out research on the Web, rather than depend on your paid-for adverts, before making decisions.

US banks – this is how the fraud criminals groom potential victims of the fake job scam. They suggest using accounts at certain banks: these banks provide the best service that fits our needs : wellsfargo.com (highly recommended), bankofamerica.com (recommended), citibank.com. I recommend you to choose Wells Fargo. They are just a perfect fit and they process our payments very fast. The scammers also have advice regarding payment via Western Union: Try to use WU Agents located in supermarkets (Walmart, Foodmart etc), grocery stores etc .

Internet fraud criminals typically ask victims to send money via the Western Union service. However, there is a limit to the cash amount that Western Union will accept for each transfer. In certain cases, therefore, the fraud criminals will ask that funds be sent to a bank account. The writer has encountered a distinct lack of interest from the banks when reporting these account details. When calling the security personnel of London bank offices for example, it is difficult to avoid forming the impression that one has disturbed a retired and disgruntled Metropolitan policeman from his tea and biscuits. Often, these people do not even seem aware of the problem of Internet fraud. I recently asked a UK HSBC employee to forward details of a fraud account in a Hong Kong branch of the company – she said We are not the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation . Silly me – I thought that this was the bank that ran the TV campaigns about how the HSBC was such a well connected, global financial institution .

Therefore, it has been decided to publish the details of such bank accounts here. This is a resource designed to help the general public avoid the ever increasing threat of fraud, but I hope that (ethical) banks and police agencies around the world will also find it useful. N.B. These details have appeared in recent fraud mail – potential victims have been directed to make payments to these accounts. We cannot guarantee that they all refer to existing accounts. Below the bank accounts appear some false names and addresses given for receipt of funds via Western Union and Moneygram.

WESTERN UNION , Stop Shop, East Broadway, Toledo, Ohio, USA (see picture). Western Union remains a favourite with the scammers, but they ask for larger payments to be made to bank accounts.

Union bank

Bank accounts, in recent date order. UK bank accounts highlighted in red for easy reference.

CIMB Bank, account name Shyam Kumar Gurung , account number 7020507897. 1 Lebuh Pandai, George Town, Malaysia. Switch code: CIBBMYKL. (2017)

Halifax Bank Account Name: VFS Global Services, Account Number: 046501196311, Sort Code 110465, Iban GB84BClBX046501196311, Bic HLFXlBXGB21N52.

Bank Zachodnia, Rynek Street, 9/11 Wroclaw, 50-950, Poland. A/c no. 41 1090 1304 0000 0001 0690 4315, swift code WBKPPLPP, Qatar Islamic Insurance Co.


UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA PLC, NIGERIA, Account name: David rose Helen, Account number: 3001617246, Bank address: Atakunmose west local govel, Swift code: UNAFBGLA, SORT CODE 033291640.

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