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Extremely Poor Repairs at AAMI Smart Repair Silverwater NSW

1 out of 5. reviewed on Oct 28, 2015

My brand new car (2015 Nissan Altima, just a week old) was subjected to a hit and run and sustained damage to drivers door which was reversed into. Thankfully the culprit was observed by a third party so I didn t have to pay an excess. Initially AAMI were good with simple claims process and relatively quick assessment process. The car was booked in to the closest Smart Repair Centre in Silverwater, NSW. I was called the following week to pick up the car which is where all of the problems have started. Firstly on being taken to my car, I was stu

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nned to find that the supposedly replaced front door would not open at all. After a 40 minute wait, I was advised they didn t know what was wrong and I would have to leave the car. It transpired that the only the internal door lock was replaced but not the latch on the B pillar that was bent. So a part that should have been replaced given the damage had not been. Not off to a good start but was called the next day to advise the car was ready again. Over the subsequent days the following issues have been identified;

1. Paint issues, dust in finish and sub-par paint match/blending.

2. Scratched chrome driver s side front door handle (damage done whilst with AAMI).

3. Upper chrome strip on drivers has been bent during removal and bent back to shape leaving it warped along length (damage done during repair process).

4. Leading edge of driver s side rear door upper chrome strip has been cracked (damage done whilst with AAMI).

5. Exterior B pillar paint is the wrong color. Has been painted same color as car body when it should have been painted with a high gloss non metallic black.

6. Driver s door inner door frame liner was not replaced.

7. Drivers door rattling internally as door trim not fitted properly and internal door clips broken

The issues have been acknowledged by AAMI but there has been delays with getting parts. Seemingly they can source, replace and paint a new door within 2 business days but then all the other parts missing or damaged whilst the car was under repair take 3 weeks and still waiting. I am gob smacked that their quality assessment personnel finds any of what I have experienced as acceptable.

Thanks for wreaking my new car AAMI. I am beyond disappointed and remain highly skeptical that the car can be repaired to an acceptable standard given that it will now require additional rectification to paint work all by the same workshop that has to date displayed total disregard for quality workmanship and due care.

To make everything worse there has been nothing in way of follow up or updates on where things are at unless I make the calls. It has made an already appalling situation even worse.

**Update 28/10** After lodging dispute with Financial Services Ombudsman (FSO) following a month of zero response from AAMI, I now have agreement from Suncorp (AAMI parent company) just 2.5 days after lodging dispute with FSO, for the car to be repaired again from scratch at a panel beater of my choice and all the above issues rectified. Based on my choice of new repairer I believe that the car can now be repaired to the expected standard. If you are having any issues with car insurance repairs I would highly recommend contacting the FSO.

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