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To date I’ve lost 40% of my body weight (45kg / 7 stones). I’ve achieved so much and don’t think I could have done it without your input.
Pam – Aberdeen Weight Loss Client

If you’re looking for genuine results and making positive changes to your life and nutrition, look no further than Food For Fitness. I have dropped around 15kg so far and completely changed my physique.
Mustafa – Online Client

Healthy Nutrition Plans Designed Around YOUR Lifestyle

Nutrition plans from our Aberdeen nutritionists and online personal trainers includes everything you to lose fat and achieve your ideal physique.


A personalised weight loss meal plan designed around your lifestyle, food preferences and fitness goals.


Your nutrition plan will be filled with delicious high protein recipes that you’ll love. No more boring meals!


Your nutrition plan will be changed as you progress towards your goals to ensure you continue to progress.


Your own degree qualified nutritionist and trainer to motivate you, provide support and keep you on track.


You’ll develop a much greater understanding of nutrition. We’ll teach not preach to you!


Confused about supplements? We’ll give you evidence-based supplement recommendations. No more guess work.

“I felt frustrated with dieting all the time! I met with my coach – Catherine – and three days later my personal nutrition plan arrived. It was all done for me, no guessing anymore, I didn’t know it could be this easy! Where have people like Catherine been all my life. I’m impressed!”

“I remember looking at my nutrition plan and thinking surely there is a mistake. I want to lose fat – there is no way that I am allowed dark chocolate and honey! Turns out I had a misunderstanding of nutrition derived from trying FAD diets and following advice from magazine and social media. Food For Fitness opened my eyes and I lost 12kg in 12 weeks.”

“I’d become so confused about what was the right things to be eating to lose weight and improve my performance. I’m now leaner, stronger and able to perform better in training and games due to vastly increased energy and concentration levels.”

30 Day No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident in the service we offer you that after 30 days you’ll already be noticing great changes and making progress. However, if you’re not happy with ANY aspect of your plan over the next 30 days, simply let us know by email and we’ll send you a refund.

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