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Last Updated On: April 25, 2015

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ACC Insurance Company that don’t like to pay.

On: July 15, 2013

By: Diana Brooks

Rating: 1 out of 5

Reported Loss = $13,000.00

On APRIL 17,2013 I Diana Brooks reported my car stolen. While I was sleep a young man I was dating took my car without my permission, and took my extra set of keys. I notified the police file a complaint and then notified my insurance company. This company name is ACCC Claims Service, INC.

Upon on getting this insurance they inform me that they had information wrong on my policy which was my drivers license number. I went into the Insurance company and corrected it and at the time I saw that they had some other things wrong on the policy like my job and a person by the name of Alfred Brooks as a excluded driver I inform them that I did not know a Alfred Brooks and that I should be the only one on this policy. The young lady that was working there at the time told me that she would correct it, I said ok and went to work.

Now the guy that stole my car is name Alfred Taylor. So since I did not check to see if they had corrected the policy they are saying Aifred Brooks and Alfred Taylor are the same person. And they are not going to pay. My thing is at the end of the day my car was stole and this insurance company just put someone on my policy that refereed me to them because Alfred Taylor had this insurance when he had his car.

So to me what this company is saying is if your car is stolen and your key are taken without your permission we are not going to pay and there is nothing that can happen.

While calling this company over two dozen times trying to find out what was going on they were very disrespectful, they voice that they didn t believe my car was stolen, that they where not going to pay. The sad part is that this company has be doing this to a lot of people putting people on there policy that don t live in your house hold, that you are not married to.

This company does not have a main office to go in and talk to the adjuster which is named MARTA SALUM ext. 1308. The only way to speak to someone is if you can get them on the phone, or a PO box. I am hoping someone checks into this company this is my compliant.

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