Adriana Gallardo, Founder and CEO of Adriana’s Insurance, Shares Her Version of the “American Dream. #homeowners #insurance

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Adriana Gallardo, founder and CEO of Adriana’s Insurance, has created a special award and she would like to present this award to the general public and hear stories from the people.

“Adriana Gallardo at the annual party of Adriana’s Insurance”

Adriana Gallardo states, “Success is not an easy thing. You have to be there all time if you want your business to prosper.”

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 25, 2013

The “American dream” is a well known concept in many countries and is basically a belief this country is the land of opportunity. This dream has given hope to people born without privilege, and is one of the main reasons people come to the United States from around the world. Unfortunately, people have their own version of what the “American dream” means. Some people come to America with the mentality of becoming a millionaire and living as the Hollywood stars do. In reality, this only happens to very few people and most successful people would agree that hard work is the key to success.

The owners of Adriana’s Insurance have created a special award called “Vidas Ejemplares” (Examples of Life). This award is honored, at the Annual Adriana’s Insurance event, to an employee that is a quintessential example of what it means to accomplish anything you put your mind to, regardless of difficult times and unforeseen obstacles. Adriana personally presents this award at the annual celebration and recognizes various employees for their hard work and dedication.

Adriana would like to present this award to the general public and hear stories from people around the United States whom have accomplished their version of the “American dream” or has lived “Vidas Ejemplares” (Examples of Life). To enter this contest people will have to submit their stories through Adriana’s Insurance Facebook page. The official rules will posted the first week of February and the public will vote on the page to choose the best story

Adriana Gallardo was born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States. Supported by her mother, “Do a Rosy”, Adriana opened her first office in Pomona, California in 1990 and named it Adriana’s Insurance. Although times were tough in the beginning, failure was not an option. Do a Rosy was adamant in encouraging her daughter to succeed in corporate America. She was certain Adriana had the potential, character and determination to conquer the insurance industry.

In a market that had gone unrecognized at the time, Adriana had the perfect formula: fluent in Spanish, of Mexican decent and the ability to communicate with the Hispanic market on a cultural and personal level. That extraordinary combination equaled SUCCESS! She was proactive in all aspects; from marketing the business, by passing out flyers, to increasing sales with her outstanding customer service attitude, and of course the X-factor, her dazzling personality. Within a few years, Adriana invited her immediate family to join her in the business. Don Fernando and her two sisters, Veronica and Erika elatedly accepted the invite making Adriana’s Insurance a family owned corporation. A strong family unity and the focus to accomplish success has made Adriana’s Insurance a symbol of leadership in the insurance market, especially for the Hispanic Community. She states, “Success is not an easy thing. You have to be there all time if you want your business to prosper.”

Adriana Gallardo has been recognized as one of Southern California’s most successful Latina entrepreneur in the auto insurance industry. She has dominated the Hispanic market for over 20 years and is currently making plans to expand her business across the United States. As of 2013, Adriana’s Insurance has opened over 50 locations in Southern California and shows no signs of slowing down. Visit

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