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Affordable Auto Insurance — 17 Time-Tested Tips For Paying Less

Save up to 50%. Get and compare quotes from top insurers with the quote box below. Also, get 17 (seventeen) proven tips that will help you cut down your rates by a huge margin.

1. Drive carefully if you’re truly serious about enjoying lower auto insurance rates. Please, make sure you make it a personal principle to NOT drive if you even sip any alcoholic beverage.

Traffic offences that are associated to having more than the permissible level of alcohol in your system invariably make you attract quite astronomical rates. And don’t overlook those speeding tickets because they cost you much more than what you pay as fines. They eventually increase your rate. You’ll do yourself a world of good if you obey all traffic laws at all times.

2. Premiums can be quite high for drivers who are less than 25 years of age. If you fall into this age bracket you will attract more affordable rates if you maintain good grades at school.

This discount is for those who get A’s or not less than B’s. This will attract a discount of about 5 percent. Experience has proven to insurance carriers that what makes a student keep getting good grades is a level of responsibility which such students also maintain behind wheels. It’s difficult to find reckless young drivers who keep getting wonderful grades.

3. Ensure your auto insurance policy is not allowed to lapse for any reason. Individuals who let that befall them attract very high rates for a long time. This happens to some folks when they are about switching to another insurance company.

Never terminate your previous policy until the new one is in place and you’ll avoid this costly mistake. As simple as this may seem, many folks are bearing the weight of exorbitant rates because of just this little negligence.

4. Certain professions attract lower rates. Scientists, for example, get far cheaper rates than business owners. Statistics, for example, show that scientists (because of their training and way of life) are better risks than all other professions.

Your agent is in a good position to tell you if your profession attracts certain discounts. Just bear in mind that each insurance provider might have a slightly different position.

5. An outstanding credit rating will help you get a cheap auto car insurance rate. Having a poor credit rating is simply making it hard for yourself in addition to the fact that your premium will be much higher.

There are several reasons for this but this one is prominent among them: If you have a poor credit history then it could only mean you have defaulted in payments at some points. Once you’re noted as bad risk you will attract higher auto insurance rates.

6. There are many anti-theft or theft-deterrent devices like alarm systems, automatic gas cut-off system and so on. Since they reduce the likelihood of your car being stolen they attract a reasonable discount. Thieves will think twice before attempting to steal a car with anti-theft devices.

7. You will enjoy discounts with a number of insurers for being part of an auto club. Don’t let the size of the discount this may offer deter you from going for it if such a club suits you.

8. You will get less expensive rates if you opt to pay your premiums yearly and not monthly. Yes, monthly payments might be more convenient but they are also less affordable.

Each check that is processed attracts a fee. For 12 checks (that is, your monthly premiums) you will have a sum of twelve transactions. This means that you will pay transaction charges 12 times.

There are also administrative costs to your insurance provider that are due to monthly payments. For example, it costs insurance companies millions of dollars annually to mail payment notices.

These and more are then included in your rate thus making it more than if you paid every year.

9. For those who are over 55 years of age, you can take advantage of a drivers’ refresher course. Since doing this could give you a discount as high as 10% it’s certainly worth considering. You can get details on this from your agent.

10. Those who have more than one car will make huge savings if they insure them all with the same auto insurance provider. It makes sense to insure all your cars with the same insurer unless you get a better deal for some of your cars with another insurer.

Doing some shopping and then checking what you’ll save with a multi-vehicle discount is an easy way to be sure if this is in your best interest. But even if you’re not inclined to doing some shopping around, you can be sure that you’ll still save a bit with a multi-vehicle discount.

11. Take advantage of every opportunity to NOT drive your car as this will reduce your mileage and, by extension, your rate. This applies more to those whose work and location make it easy for them to use the public transit system. Carpooling is also another smart way of reducing your mileage.

12. There are vehicles that cost far more to give adequate auto insurance coverage. So have this on your mind when you shop for your next vehicle. Avoid any car that has a high theft rate and/or a bad crash rating.

Another thing to take into consideration is a car’s maintenance cost since it is also an issue that affects your premium. With such diligence you can avoid buying a vehicle that will make you pay much more in extra premiums over time.

13. Folks who ignorantly buy either collision or comprehensive coverage or both for an old car that isn t considered a classic are simply pay far more than should. This is because you are compensated based on what is called the Kelly Blue Book value of your car at the time you make a claim.

You’ll get nothing if the book says your car is worth nothing at the time of a claim. So stop wasting your money. Once your car becomes old, drop collision and comprehensive coverage on it. If you do this you’ll pay a lot less.

14. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is a painless way to reduce your rate. This process authorizes your bank to credit your insurance provider with your premium payments without any intervention from you until you stipulate to the contrary.

This saves costs by eliminating the need for payment notices or checks. Your premium is therefore brought down to reflect the cheaper cost of giving you insurance.

15. Drivers who don’t make claims for over three years usually get a special discount for this. But bear in mind that not all insurers offer this discount. Your agent should be made to understand your dissatisfaction with their refusal to offer you such a discount and don’t fail to point out that you may leave for another insurer.

Believe it or not, every insurer likes having people who stay claims free for this long as policy holders and you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting better rates with a host of other insurers.

And, believe it or not, your insurer is likely to shift grounds if they see you’re really serious about leaving.

16. You’ll also get a reasonable discount if you have more than one policy with the same insurer. This simply means you should endeavor to buy your auto policy from the same company that provides your home, health or life insurance policies.

However, bear in mind that you may be better off if you buy your different policies from different insurers who offer the best rates for each policy.

Do some research with quotes sites and then discuss with your agent. You’ll be sure of the best choice in your case if you do this.

17. Take it upon yourself to ask your agent about all the discounts available to you with your preferred insurance carrier. Since agents too are not above mistakes they might forget to tell you about some discounts you are eligible for.

You will know simply by telling your agent that you want to be sure you have been told about every discount possible for your profile. You might have a very pleasant surprise!

Here’s one you shouldn’t miss.

You will easily save some hundreds of dollars by simply getting and evaluating quotes from at least five quotes sites. And, it will take only about 25 minutes on the whole.

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