Affordable Car Insurance for High Risk Cars – Drivers, car insurance uk.#Car #insurance #uk


We find insurance for drivers and cars that are a little bit out of the ordinary – convicted drivers, high performance and modified cars, drivers with claims and low no claims bonus, we cover them and much more!

Car insurance uk

  • Car insurance uk

Motoring Convictions

Insurance for convicted drivers including speeding, drink driving mobile phone offences.

  • Car insurance uk

    Drivers with Claims

    Specialist insurance for drivers with a history of previous claims or at-fault accidents.

  • Car insurance uk

    Zero No Claims Bonus

    Affordable car insurance for drivers who have zero or low no claims bonus.

  • Car insurance uk

    Hard to Cover Postcodes

    Competitive insurance for drivers living in hard to insure postcodes or areas.

  • Car insurance uk

    Non-motoring Convictions

    Insurance for drivers with criminal convictions that aren’t related to driving.

  • Car insurance uk

    Cancelled / Voided Policies

    Insurance for drivers who have had a previous policy cancelled by their insurer.

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