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EaseUS Todo Backup Server

Like any good backup tool, it will back up your entire system’s current state, data, settings and what you want it to. -From CNET

You get an easy to use solution that covers the needs of most users. It can create bootable copies of the system drive. -From Softpedia

The Best Free Backup Tool in Existence. Back up partitions, restore partitions individual files with highly useful backup program. -From PCWorld

What’s New in Version

  • Support backup & recovery and clone between disks with different sector sizes.
  • Improve the backup & recovery quality and optimize the UI interaction.

Backup Benefits

A cost-effective solution to fully protect Windows Servers and ensure your servers can be quickly restored when disaster happens, maximizing uptime of your servers.

System backup – Full system protection allows you to easily back up and recover your entire operating system when disaster happens.

Disk imaging – Block-level disk imaging quickly and efficiently backs up the entire disk or volumes.

  • File backup – File-level backup allows you to selectively back up specific files, folders or file types, including network shared files.

    Hot backup – Back up specific files and volumes without interrupting any current operations, especially for open files backup.

    Incremental and differential backup – Only back up changes made since the previous backup, saving time and storage space.

    Unattended backup – Runs as a Windows service – ideal for unattended Servers. Backs up even when system logged out, slept or hibernated.

    Schedule backup – Flexible backup scheduler allows backups to run based on daily, weekly, monthly or event.

    Need to Backup Microsoft SQL Server / Exchange Server?

    EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server makes the best backups & recovery for MS SQL / Exchange Server environment


    Back up entire SQL / Exchange Server and restore everything to original state when disaster occurs. Also keep all data intact as before.


    Make backups on MS SQL/Exchange Server for business requirement and fast restore to the same or dissimilar hardware without interruption. Keep MS SQL/Exchange Server consistently running.


    Protect your business data by advanced disk imaging backup technology and ensure the best storage space usage on your Server with transaction log truncation without any data loss.

    Work for: Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008 R2/2008/2005
    Exchange Server 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003

    Recovery Benefits

    System restore

    Quickly recover your entire Windows system backup in minutes to the original or new location using a Linux, WinPE bootable media or PXE Server.

    Restore existing system and make it bootable in a new or dissimilar hardware environment.

    Flexible disk restore

    Quickly restore what you need, recover granular files, folders, volumes, or all from a single disk image.

    Selective file restore

    Recover individual files and folders from a file backup image without restoring an entire image.

    Pre-OS recovery environment

    If your system won’t boot, simply select EaseUS Todo Backup from boot menu to launch Pre-OS and then recover your system.

    Special Benefits

    Fast, easily and safely migrate system to an SSD or a bigger HDD for disk replacement or upgrade.

    Support P2V copy, P2V recovery and convert physical image format (.pbd) to virtual image format (.vmdk or .vhd).

    Backup management

    Easily manage backup job and automatically delete the out-of-date backup images, saving storage space.

    Browse image file

    Browse backup with Windows Explorer and simply copy-paste files/folders.

    Compatible with GPT/UEFI

    Create a WinPE bootable media for 64-bit Windows system resided on GPT to start up PC recovery in case of emergency.

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    Partition Master Server

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    Data Recovery Wizard Pro

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