Are You a Senior? Here are 10 Tips for Cheap Auto Insurance Rates for Seniors #highway #insurance

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Are You a Senior? Here are 10 Tips for Cheap Auto Insurance Rates for Seniors

Everyone looks forward to retirement. After all, retirement brings many advantages. Unfortunately, cheap insurance rates aren’t always among them. While most people know that young drivers face steep auto insurance rates, it’s not as well-known that senior citizens and retirees face similar auto insurance rate hikes. The cheapest car insurance rates are reserved for those in the prime of their lives, which insurance companies define as adults, aged 26 to about 55. Of course, there are ways that those in their golden years can get discounts on their auto insurance. Here are a few.

1. Take a defensive driving course for seniors. Insurance companies love to know that you recognize that your years add some risk to your driving. While most senior citizens have years of driving experience, many also face vision, hearing and reaction problems that can slow reflexes and make them more prone to accidents. Specially designed driving courses make drivers aware of their limitations and teach them strategies to work around them. And to top it off, the insurance company will give you a nice discount off your auto insurance premium.

2. Check to see if you’re eligible for discounts through AARP or through local senior advocacy programs. The buying power of large groups can result in cheaper auto insurance rates.

3. If you’re retired and not driving to work every day, be sure to lower your annual mileage estimate on your insurance. Low mileage discounts can chop a considerable chunk off your car insurance premiums.

4. Practice safe driving. If you manage to avoid accidents and traffic tickets, your auto insurance rates will stay low. More and more, you can also get premium rebates or deduction reductions for every year you go without making a claim.

5. If you’ve paid off your car, make sure that you’re not over-insured. Your physical damage coverage shouldn’t be any higher than your vehicle’s actual value. If you’re paying for theft or physical damage amounts that are higher than the car’s actual value, talk to your agent and get a cheaper car insurance rate.

6. If you don’t drive any longer but continue to own a car, talk to your insurance agent about the proper rate for the car’s usual driver. It could be a lower rate than you’re paying.

7. Check to find out which safety equipment is installed in your car and be sure that you report all of it to your insurance company. Items like anti-lock brakes, side-impact airbags and GPS installed in your car can all add up to cheaper rates on your car insurance.

8. Talk to your agent about senior accident forgiveness, which can help keep your rates low if you do have an accident.

9. Look for discount auto insurance rates designed specifically for mature drivers. By cutting out the insurance coverage that most seniors don’t need, insurance companies offer low cost auto insurance specifically for senior drivers.

10. Shop around. Insurance companies often offer the lowest car insurance rates to new customers. If you’ve been with the same insurance company for decades, you may be overpaying hugely. Check online and request auto insurance quotes from several different companies to find out where you can get the cheapest auto insurance rates for your situation.

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