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Coverage Comparison

If you insure your autos with a standard industry policy and your car is ‘totaled’, you could be in for a rude shock on the reimbursement amount.  Mainstream carriers can take a very aggressive approach to depreciation.

The ACE Platinum Portfolio auto policy offers two options to minimize the impact of depreciation:

  • “Agreed Value” – Establishes the value of your auto before it becomes a total loss.
  • “New for Old” – Pays to replace damaged vehicle with a comparable new car.

See coverage comparison. Learn more about other advantages the ACE Platinum Portfolio has over standard industry policies.

Claims Service Excellence

  • Choice of repair shop.  You’re free to choose your favorite local repair shop.  We do not force you to use or accept the price set by a shop that is part of an insurance company network. Of course, if you ask, we can direct you to a reputable facility.
  • Rapid response. Within one business day of receiving a Collision claim, we typically send an expert damage appraiser to visit you, and within another business day we typically issue payment for covered damage.
  • Rental car services. We can help you find a rental car when your car has been damaged in an accident.
  • Easy window repair.  We can send our national vendor to your doorstep to replace damaged windshields. Turnaround time is generally within 24 hours.

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