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Alot of things can happen when you’re in business. It can go bankrupt, you canget sued, you can be hunted by creditors, and you business can close because ofdisasters. Regardless, you want to protect your assets and investments. You cando that by getting a business insurance policy.

Usually,when you require insurance, you always request for a Bear River insurancequote. But you want to be very specific. Here are some of the types ofinsurance policies you can obtain:


Thisis one of the most common business insurance policies in the market anddefinitely one of the often-discussed ones by Bear River insurance agents. Asits name suggests, it covers you from any type of liability brought about byanother person, such as your worker, partner, or anybody. You can use it tocover for your litigation, bonds, and medical expenses. It is commonly used ifyou’re accused of slander, libel, or even wrongful death and negligence.


Thisis a specific type of liability insurance coverage and is recommended toprofessionals who offer their services such as doctors, nurses, therapists,interior designers, engineers, and architects. You make use of this to covercosts associated with malpractice, omissions, misrepresentations, negligence,and almost all kinds of errors.

Somestates would require some professionals to obtain a professional liabilityinsurance policy. One good example is the doctors. They cannot practice theirjobs unless they have malpractice insurance. In the process, this curbsillegitimate practices or scammers, as only those who are certified by thestate can apply for such insurance.


Almostall states in the country require legitimate businesses to carry a worker’scompensation insurance policy. The coverage can be used to pay for the medicalexpenses and wage losses obtained by the worker because of an injury ordisability. The amount of the coverage, however, can differ as there are somefactors that are considered. These include the type of work performed and theemployee’s present salary. Moreover, the accident, injury, or disability shouldbe related to his or her job before he or she can file a worker’s compensationclaim.


Ironically,even if there are thousands of businesses online, coverage for them is veryrare. Only a handful offer an Internet business insurance policy. Usually, toprotect your online business, you just need to obtain any or some of thementioned types of coverage here.

Nevertheless,with your research, you may come across Bear River insurance agents that can discuss about insurance policies that would protect you fromlosses caused by viruses, online theft, or Internet fraud.


Thereare two kinds of commercial property insurance policies available. One is callednamed perils. It basically lists down all types of perils or disasters thatwill be covered by the policy. The other is the all-risk policy, except thosethat are found in the terms and conditions. Which you should choose depends onyou, but usually you get a named-perils policy if you’re prone to suchdisasters. For example, if your area is close to a flood zone, you should get anamed-peril coverage that mentions floods.

Whatdoes the insurance policy cover? Unless specifically stated by the contract, itcovers your business equipment, office or building, money, businessinterruption, and even loss of income.

Product Liability

If you’re intoselling, manufacturing, and distributing of goods, you need to have a productliability insurance coverage. It protects you from property damage or personalinjury caused by the goods you’re offering. If someone sues you for breach ofwarranty and wrongful instructions and warnings, you can count on the coverage.

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