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Best 10 Colleges And Universities For Zoology

Zoology is a study of animal life. It is a broad discipline of life science that covers a wide range of topics related to the animal kingdom including cell biology, anatomy, physiology, evolutionary biology, taxonomy and more.

A degree in zoology from a reputed college or university is essential for pursuing a career in research in biomedical sciences, fisheries, environmental planning, wildlife conservation and marine biology. While a number of the leading universities offer separate programs in zoology, others offer zoology as a part of their biological sciences program. To earn a degree in zoology that is recognized by leading research organizations, consider joining the programs offered by any of the following prestigious universities.

University Of Cambridge

The Department of Zoology at the University of Cambridge is noted for its excellent faculty, world-class facilities including a well-resourced library, fully-equipped laboratory, excellent computing facilities and the University Museum of Zoology, which is one of the prominent university museums in the world. Here at the undergraduate level, zoology is a part of the Natural Sciences Tripos program. Undergraduate students study animal biology in the second year of the program and zoology is taught in the third year of the Bachelor of Science program.

University Of Oxford

University of Oxford offers zoology as a subject in the biological sciences curriculum at the undergraduate level. Zoology is taught by the world-renowned faculty of the University’s Department of Zoology. The Department’s research programs in zoology attract the best students of biological sciences from round the world. The popular graduate programs offered by the Department of Zoology at Oxford include MSc by Research in Zoology and DPhill in Zoology.

Harvard University

In Harvard University, graduate and undergraduate programs in various disciplines of zoology are offered by the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. At the undergraduate level, zoology is not taught as a separate subject but part of the life science program offered by the University. Concentrations related to zoology available for undergraduate students of life science include organismic and evolutionary biology, molecular and cellular biology, chemical and physical biology and biological anthropology. To study zoology at the graduate level, you can apply for the Integrated Life Science Program or the Molecules, Cells and Organisms Program.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

The Department of Biology at MIT is a popular destination for education in diverse fields of zoology. Students enrolled in its highly-rated undergraduate program are trained for pursuing graduate research programs and rewarding careers in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry. Biology major students interested in studying zoology can specialize in cell, developmental and molecular biology. For pursuing a career in academics and research, MIT offers a world-class graduate program in biology that leads to a PhD degree.

University Of Melbourne

The Department of Zoology at the University of Melbourne is home to internationally renowned faculty and researchers involved in active research in diverse topics related to zoology. Zoology majors at the University of Melbourne can specialize in zoology, marine biology, ecology and evolutionary biology or environmental science.

For advanced study in zoology, the Department of Zoology offers a research intensive Master of Science program. Students enrolled in the two-year full time program can undertake research in evolution and behavior, marine biology, conservation and climate change or reproduction and regeneration. The doctoral program in zoology offered by the University is a highly-selective program with limited number of seats.

University College London

The Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of College London offers zoology as a part of its undergraduate and graduate degree curriculum in biological sciences. Students interested in studying zoology in the University College London can apply for the 3-year BSc program or the four-year undergraduate program that leads to a MSc degree in biological sciences. Moreover, University College London gives its biological sciences students an option to spend a year in a reputed university in USA, Europe, Australia or Asia.

Stanford University

The Department of Biology at the Stanford University is a popular destination for serious students of zoology. Zoology is part of the biological sciences curriculum of the Bachelor of Science program offered by the Department of Biology. For gaining more in-depth knowledge of the various sub fields of zoology and experience in research, Stanford University offers a coterminal Master of Science program. The Department of Biology’s PhD program is open to candidates with excellent scores in the Bachelor’s or Master’s program. Students interested in research in zoology can undertake research in molecular biology, developmental biology, cell biology, genetics, evolutionary biology, ecology or marine biology.

Yale University

Yale University offers programs related to various sub-sections of zoology through its different departments. Good quality undergraduate and graduate programs are offered by the Departments of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and various departments of the Yale School of Medicine. Depending upon your area of interest in zoology, you can apply for an appropriate BS or doctoral program.

Cornell University

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University offers a highly-rated zoology program as a part of its Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. The research program in zoology and wildlife conservation leads to a PhD degree. A strong background in biological sciences with good academic records, good GRE and GPA score and proficiency in English language for international applicants are essential for seeking admission to the program. Students interested in studying zoology at the undergraduate level can opt for animal science major or biological sciences major with concentration in animal physiology, ecology and evolutionary biology, marine biology or systematic and biotic diversity.

University Of California, Los Angeles

Programs in different disciplines of zoology are offered by the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of California, Los Angeles. Undergraduate students interested in studying zoology can opt for ecology, behavior and evolution major, marine biology major, biology major or conservation biology minor. Graduate programs offered by the Department lead to Master’s or PhD degree. Students selected for the programs can undertake research in conservation biology, evolutionary biology, ecology, tropical biology, or marine biology.

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