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If you are shopping for cheap auto insurance in Michigan, be aware that it has the most comprehensive no-fault car insurance system in the nation. If your vehicle is insured in Michigan, you and your family will be provided with unlimited medical and rehabilitation benefits, wage loss benefits and $20 per day for replacement services for up to three years if you are injured in an auto accident, regardless of fault. These benefits alone are one of the most important reasons to purchase personal auto insurance. In addition, your required no-fault policy will pay up to your coverage limit amounts in the event that you are sued or are legally responsible for damages in an accident. In Michigan the minimum required body injury liability and property damage coverage limits are: $20,000 for a single person who is hurt or killed in an accident, $40,000 for two or more people who are hurt or killed, and $10,000 for property damage. Given the circumstance, sometimes if an accident’s damage is larger than average, courts will award more than these amounts. In this case, a driver is responsible for paying the amount not covered by their policy. In addition, every registered vehicle must be insured. If you own a car and you drive it, or allow someone else to drive it without basic no-fault insurance, you can be sued and held personally liable. Finding the best and most affordable auto insurance in Michigan can be an arduous task. Thankfully here at Best Auto we have done all the hard work to help you not only get free quotes, but find the best coverage and policy in Michigan. Below is all of the essential car insurance information you need, as well as the best auto insurance companies serving the Great Lakes State.

Understanding Michigan’s Auto Insurance Requirements

Remember that the minimum requirement for car insurance differs from state to state and in order to get the best auto insurance quotes in Michigan one must understand what coverage they need. Michigan is a no-fault state that allows the person in an accident to receive their money regardless of proof that the accident was somebody’s fault. However, living in a no-fault state prevents the injured party from suing for further damages, and if the insurance money is not enough to cover medical expenses, the injured party must come up with the rest of the funds for treatment. Michigan also requires Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to be a part of your policy but does not require protection from uninsured motorists.

In insurance vernacular a state’s basic information on minimums for coverage are presented in the Body Injury Liability for 1 person/Body Injury Liability for all people/Property Liability Damage format. Body Injury liability refers the minimum dollar amount required for one person in an accident. Body Injury Liability for all people is the minimum amount required for coverage in an accident involving at least 1 driver and 1 passenger. Property Liability Damage refers to the minimum amount required for any accident in which property is damaged. In Michigan the minimums are 30/60/10. The numbers are in thousands of dollars.

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