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Car insurance broker

Will you go to court without a reputable qualified lawyer? Why would you purchase Insurance or Invest without professional advice?

Find the best Insurance Brokers and Risk Management specialists who understand personal and business insurance right here. We believe that solutions should be about much more than just a premium. Locate a Service Provider instantly, anywhere in Southern Africa. It is Industry Specific and provides relevant information to facilitate timeous and informed business decisions, 24/7.

Car insurance broker

Who or What is an Insurance Broker?

A third party that offers intermediation services between two trading parties. The Broker acts as a conduit for services offered by a supplier to a consumer and offers added value to the transaction that may not be possible by direct trading. In the Insurance and Financial services industry various specialists offer services in the supply of financial products to Individuals Businesses such as Life Medical Insurance, Short Term (Assets) Insurance and Investment products.

Car insurance broker

Will my Insurance Company approve if a Broker represents me?

Almost every Insurance Companies has a panel of contracted Brokers. Much time and resources are invested on a continuous bases by both parties to ensure that the Broker understand the highly technical and diverse range of solutions available . This strategy ensur es that the customer receives comprehensive and accurate advice . An Industry Link to each Insurance Company’s webpage is also provided to empower customers to contact and verify status if needed.

Car insurance broker

What does a Professional Broker do?

He / She possesses specialized knowledge. Is prepared to spend time with the client and research in detail. He will save the client money by providing the best product for each individual client s circumstances. He will provide regular feedback to market changes and new offerings. He will be able, in the event of damage or loss, to manage the whole claims process on your behalf and put your mind at ease. He offers professionalism, good communication and swift response times

Car insurance broker

What about Quality and Accountability?

The FSB (Financial Services Board) supervises and enforces compliance with the Long- and Short-term Insurance Acts of 2002. Registration Compliance is a regulatory requirement for any person or business providing advice on financial matters of any kind. The first thing a consumer should look /ask for before engaging the services of any broker is their FSP Licence Number. The Broker Directory display the provided number on each individual businesses page. The FSP provides a verification service. – See contact details under Industry Organisation Links.

Membership of the applicable Industry Bodies indicates compliance, accountability and subscription to professional conduct and continuous skills development. Look for the SAIA, FIA IISA emblems – which reputable businesses will subscribe to. More detailed information is also available under the homepage heading – Industry Organisation Links.

Ombudsman – The purpose of the Insurance Ombudsman is to resolve disputes between members and insured consumers in an independent, impartial, cost-effective, efficient, informal and fair way. More detailed information is also available under the homepage heading – Industry Organisation Links.

Car insurance broker

What is Short Term Insurance vs. Life Assurance ?

Brokers specialise in either- or both these fields details is available on each individual Broker s homepage in the Broker Directory.

A Short Term Insurance policy provide cover for Individuals Businesses against loss, damage, liabilities etc. The Insured pays a premium to an Insurance company who in return provides the cover to compensate in the event of a loss of insured items/ services etc.. The premium is based on the Risk profile of an Individual or Business. For an individual (age, gender, where you live, security measures, item insured, value of the item, claims history etc.) and a Policy consist of various sections that includes Household Contents / Homeowner’s Insurance (Buildings) / All Risks Insurance (Cell phones, Jewellery, Cameras etc.) / Vehicle Section (Car Insurance, Trailers, Motorcycles) / Marine craft (Boat, Jet Ski) / Personal Liability Personal Accident Business Insurance has it s own specific categories according to type-, sector- and risk profiles that the broker will discuss in detail with the client.

Life Assurance is the payment of an agreed sum of money by an Insurer, in exchange of a premium, to the Insured or his/her beneficiaries in the event of death, disability (temporary or permanent), Illness, medical emergency or at an agreed date should the insured still be alive.

Car insurance broker

How is A Broker paid?

Insurance Companies contract with Licensed Intermediaries to promote their products. The commission payable to the broker is a legislated/ regulated fixed percentage that differs according to the various categories of insurance and is paid by the Insurer to the Broker according to their mutual contractual agreement. Brokers might contract with their clients on an individual basis regarding an additional administration fee for specialized services rendered.

Car insurance broker

A Proudly South African National Brand

The Broker Directory is a unique and proudly South African initiative to promote the professional image of the Insurance Industry by introducing the Public to reputable Service Providers on a national basis. Unlocking business opportunities and peace of mind for all.

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