Can a Person Rent a Car and Then Let Someone Else Drive it? #can #someone #else #drive #my #car


Can a Person Rent a Car and Then Let Someone Else Drive it?

You re getting ready to go out and rent a car. but you re wondering if you can allow others to drive the car while you have possession of it. The rules regarding this are pretty straightforward and will be discussed in this article.

On the Contract: Listed Drivers

When you enter into a rental contract, there will be a section in it specifying who is allowed to drive the vehicles while you have possession of it. Anybody that you wish to allow to drive it, whether that person is 18 years old or 35 years old, must be listed in this section of the contract. If someone who is not listed is caught driving the car, there can be, and usually will be some very severe penalties. Those penalties will be spelled out in the contract, so be sure to read it very thoroughly and have anything you don t understand explained before you sign it. By signing the contract, one of the things you agree to is to be held to the provisions of the contract. So, if after taking possession of the car, you decide that you want to allow someone else to drive it, it s going to be a very good idea to go back to the agency you rented from and have the contract either rewritten, or amended, listing the allowable drivers.

Rental cars aren t yours, so there will be extra rules involved with driving them. One of those is that the agency reserves the right the limit the number of people allowed to drive their cars when in your possession. If you are the only one granted permission to drive the car, then you should be the only person driving it.

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