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Electric trucks are having a moment in the spotlight, but they won t replace diesel-powered trucks in big numbers until they overcome costs and other limitations. Tesla Inc. plans to unveil a semitractor-trailer this week, its first foray into trucking after more than a decade of making cars and.

The Trailhawk version of the 2017 Jeep Compass can ford creeks, scale dale and dell and do everything you’d expect from a Jeep 4×4. In on-road applications, it’s a pokey ride that looks better than it performs. The second generation Compass blends the old Patriot and Compass into one model in the.

The Harley-Davidson Sport Glide model is back after a nearly 30-year hiatus. For riders looking for something more substantial than a Sportster, but eschewing a big touring bike, the Sport Glide has a split personality. Like a big bike, it comes complete with a fairing and saddle bags, but both.

Q: My CD player is broken. It seems a few CDs might be stuck in the changer. I cannot insert or extract any CDs, but the CD player will replay a few songs from two or three of the CDs that are stuck inside. Lexus quoted over $1,000 for a replacement. A local repair shop quoted $500 for a used stereo.

Whether there will be a balmy El Nino effect or some menacing vortex or other, two things remain relatively certain: The temperature will drop and your vehicle will be affected. There are several items to check to prepare your car for winter and minimize the risk of roadside problems or early morning.

A day in the life of a parent like me in a family car like the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivan could have one less to-do: the twice-a-week stop at the gas station. One less to-do is no small ado, and this is the promise of the plug-in hybrid family vehicle: to make life easier, better. The plug-in.

Q: Can you settle a dispute I have with my husband? We have a very rough asphalted road I like to drive as a shortcut. My husband says that riding on this road can crack the battery or cause other damage to the car. Is he right about this? — J.S., Oak Park, Ill. A: Continuous driving on rough roads.

Selling a gas-thirsty American market on the merits of electric vehicles could get a lot harder if a Trump administration proposal to eliminate a $7,500 tax credit for hybrids and plug-ins becomes law. It s just one detail in the House GOP tax reform bill released November 2, and may not pass Congress.

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