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Class Action

If you bought a product or service that fails to perform as advertised, or if that product or service causes injury or loss, you are probably not alone and you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries, financial loss, damage, and other items.

When a number of people suffer similar injuries or losses, their cases may be legally joined in ways that benefit everyone; Class Action lawsuits help to effectively resolve many cases in just one action. This type of legal action is especially beneficial when people are bringing cases that would not be expediently and efficiently settled in many separate lawsuits. One person attempting to sue a large corporation may find the process overwhelming, costly, and time consuming. But, when a significant number of people are joined in one action, there is greater strength and efficiency of resources, which may lead to cost savings to those involved in the suit.

Here is what you may expect in a Class Action. All members who claim similar losses or injuries will be covered by one Class Action. When this action is identified by the Court, a class and a Class Action is declared. One plaintiff, also known as the representative plaintiff, and his/her attorneys will bring the lawsuit on behalf of the class. Plaintiffs-the people bringing the lawsuits-may choose to opt out and independently pursue their individual cases, or remain as part of the Class. Those in the Class will move forward in one action and all members of that Class may be bound to the final ruling and may share in any potential settlement.

Parker Waichman LLP has decades of experience handling Class Action lawsuits over an array of issues. For example, our firm is involved in a Class Action brought over Pella Architect Series Windows, which have been found to fail, leading to significant home damage and financial loss. Touted to be resistant to extreme weather conditions, the windows leak, allowing water to seep in, leading to wood rot and other water damage. This damage required the consumers to spend additional money to repair or replace the damage caused by the defective Pella windows.

In an example of a Class Action brought over a drug or supplement, our investigation of OxyElite Pro weight loss and muscle building supplements has also led to a Class Action lawsuit. The supplements have been linked to liver illnesses and, recalls have been announced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over some OxyElite Pro products.

In another Class Action case we are handling, people are alleging similar harm over the January 9th West Virginia chemical spill into the Elk River. Some 300,000 people were left without water for days after a Freedom Industries storage tank leaked a toxic chemical into the river. Residents and businesses were seriously impacted, including hotels that were not able to provide drinking or bathing water for guests, restaurants that were not able to remain in business during the water ban as they were unable to provide food for diners, and even the airline business, which was unable to bring residents and travelers into the area.

Legal Help for Victims
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