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Co-operative Car Ins Review

Take advantage of the old style Co-operative approach in a new style car insurance market.

Co-operative Car Ins Company History

Formed in 1867 the Co-operative Insurance Company is one of the UK oldest established insurance companies in the UK and probably boasts one of the most loyal customer bases. It was created with the needs and well being of their customers in mind and has been at the forefront of the UK Car Insurance sector for some time. The company itself is based in Manchester and boasts revenue in the region of 3.5 billion a year, giving it some major clout in the sector.

The main Co-op Group was for many years one of the leaders in the financial sector, offering a mixture of caution and solid management against some of the more reckless companies in the sector. While they may lost their spot at the head of the financial top table they still offer a very solid working ethic, structure and service. While historical they were not as proactive as others on the internet front, they have caught up over recent years and offer an impressive online range of financial service. It seems as though the days of the Co-op door to door insurance sales people have gone forever.

Other Co-op Insurance Products

Even though there are many who do not believe that the Co-op insurance division (formerly known as Co-op car insurance) is proactive enough there is no doubt that they can attract a great deal of custom in the market place. The have a reputation for quality and cost effectiveness and have been in the online car insurance market for many years. Their car division is particularly strong so whether you are after third party fire & theft, fully comp or 3rd party on its own there is something for you.

CIS car insurance are probably one of the insurers which are up their to be shot at by the likes of Sheilas Wheels. eSure. Elephant and Diamond Insurance to name but a few, but they have a broader attraction to the consumer than the niche markets in which many of their competitors operate. Sometimes known as the Co-op insurance or CIS insurance there is some confusion as to the websites on offer, but they do include,,,,, and to name but a few.

When looking at the alternative insurance sectors in which the CIS operate it is very difficult to know where to start because there are so many! Car and Home insurance, life and health insurance are some of their main selling points but again they also offer the full range of CIS financial services you would expect from a financial company of their size and standing.

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