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Health Insurance in Colorado

At Rocky Mountain Health Plans, we ve been providing affordable Colorado health insurance coverage for over 30 years. Since RMHP works only with residents of Colorado we ve learned a few things about what makes our state such a wonderful place- and what the people of our state need to remain healthy, happy and secure throughout their daily lives. RMHP has always provided the families, individuals and businesses in Colorado a variety of affordable health plan options that still provide comprehensive health care coverage. We believe each Colorado resident or business owner should be able to buy a health insurance plan that they want and need and that s why you ll see our plans provide many different options to help you find exactly the right Colorado insurance solution for your situation. Whether you re looking for individual Colorado health insurance or Colorado group health insurance, Rocky Mountain Health Plans has the history and trust within the Colorado community to help you find exactly the health coverage you need.

RMHP proudly serving the state of Colorado for over 30 years

RMHP provides Colorado residents and businesses with a variety of health care plans customized to meet the needs of employers, families and individuals!

We re here to serve you! RMHP has formed specialty teams to help you check benefits, review claims, change physicians or answer any other question you might have regarding your Colorado health plan coverage.

Colorado Individual Health Insurance

Colorado is a great place to live and draws people from around the country for the recreational lifestyle and outdoor activities that are unique to our state. Keeping up with Colorado individuals and their health insurance needs has been a constant challenge at RMHP. We take pride in our individual health insurance plans and evolve them overtime to meet the needs of our busy residents. As a leading provider of Colorado individual health insurance, RMHP is committed to finding the right individual health plan for your Colorado lifestyle.

Colorado Group Health Insurance

Colorado is as attractive a place to locate for businesses as it is for individuals. From major corporations to small mom-and-pop businesses, Colorado is home to a very diverse group of business owners. We at RMHP know that to meet the Colorado group health insurance needs for everyone, we have to offer a dynamic and responsive line of small group and large group health insurance plans to help meet the needs of many businesses in many situations. When it comes to group health insurance plans for businesses in Colorado, we at RMHP have various group insurance plans that can evolve with our clients to ensure their needs are taken care of today and into the future. Our group insurance solutions include PPO plans, HMO Plans, HSAs, and even multiple plan offerings that help you create a plan that s just right for your employees. Each of our group health insurance plans provide multiple funding options to help accommodate whatever financial needs you might have.

Is it any wonder with so many great things to offer that Colorado is home to so many families? Keeping up with Colorado families and their health insurance needs has been an ongoing challenge at RMHP one we take seriously. We feel it is our responsibility to create family health plans that are designed to help any Colorado family looking for comprehensive family health insurance that compliments their active lifestyles. We know choices matter to families today so we’ve built our Colorado family health insurance plans to provide you multiple options so you can create a plan that s right for your family s needs.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans offers its members access to one of Colorado s largest provider networks. You can choose from over 13,000 hospitals, outpatient facilities, specialists and doctors all across the state of Colorado. Rocky Mountain Health Plans offers its members access to one of Colorado s largest provider networks.

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