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Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you suffered an injury that s really set you back?

Enlist the help of an experienced Denver personal injury attorney that will take the time to listen to you and build a case that obtains results!

Injuries hurt, regardless of whether they occur at home, at work or out in public. Most of the time, they re nothing more than simple inconveniences a small bruise or bit of short-term, minor pain and it s usually a thing of the past.

But at other times, an injury can be much more serious.

Perhaps you had to be rushed to the hospital and miss several days of work. Beyond the initial impacts, your injury may be serious enough to require months, or even years of physical therapy. And sometimes, an injury can even result in death, which has traumatic impacts on loved ones for years to come.

All of these situations come at a cost medical bills, property damage, lost wages and yes, even pain and suffering for having to deal with the effects of someone else s negligence.

If you or a loved one has sustained an injury due to someone else s negligence, it s important to consider the long-term costs the injury can create for you and your family. Often times, these costs keep cropping up for years after the actual injury took place.

Continue reading to learn more about specific case areas where Colorado personal injury lawyer R. Mack Babcock advocate on behalf of accident victims to obtain compensation and justice.

Car Accidents Being in a collision is enough of a hassle. But if the accident occurred due to another driver s negligence, it could be grounds for a claim.

Truck Accidents With their massive size and weight, getting into a collision with a large truck can be especially troubling, even deadly in many cases. Big-rig and commercial trucks are held to much higher standards than regular drivers.

Pedestrian Bicycle Accidents Being hit by a moving car while walking or riding a bike, especially at a high speed, can prove fatal in many cases, but at a minimum requires years of treatment and time away from your work and your life.

Motorcycle Accidents Since motorcycles travel on the same roads as cars and trucks, collisions can often be fatal. Motorcycles small size makes them hard see sudden lane changes and other quick moves by other vehicles can lead to bad accidents.

Drunk Driving Accidents Sadly, the cause of too many car accidents in Colorado involves alcohol or drug intoxication. The consequence of these accidents can leave devastating scars for many years.

Slip Fall (Premises Liability) Whether you re shopping for the week s groceries or visiting a theme park on vacation, property owners have a duty to ensure there are no hazards. If you ve been injured at a store or other public place, you may have grounds to sue for compensation.

Wrongful Death Losing a loved one is perhaps the most traumatic thing a person can face. If you lost a loved one due to negligence, you do have grounds for a wrongful death suit to compensate you for expenses, lost wages and pain & suffering.

If you re ready to start discussing your individual case and situation today, personal injury lawyers at Denver s Babcock Law Firm stand ready to carefully listen to your concerns and evaluate your case.

Don t delay in getting help any longer!

Contact us today for a free case evaluation to begin the process of obtaining compensation for your injury.

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