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Vehicle insurance checker


Van Insurance – all you need to know

If you have a business van, you need first-class insurance protection.

What is van insurance?

Van insurance differs from private car insurance in several respects, not least when the van is used for business purposes.

The scope and cost of your policy will be determined by the type of vehicle and what it’s used for, as well as standard factors such as its value, location and annual mileage, and the characteristics of the driver.

Business or personal use?

In addition to these levels of cover, there are various types of van insurance to suit you and your business.

Whether your van is for business or personal use – or both – you can choose from different cover options. These range from social use only, to personal possessions cover for work equipment, or haulage insurance if you use your van to transport cargo or deliveries.

As ever, by comparing different deals with MoneySuperMarket you’ll be able to find the right deal at the right price.

Vehicle insurance checker

Vehicle insurance checker

What types of van insurance are there?

Standard van insurance: Basic van policies often have limitations such as mileage caps and restrictions on use, such as drivers being above 21. They should provide cover for ‘contents’, which are your own possessions within the van (such as tools and other items you need for your trade or service). You may be required to remove your tools from the vehicle overnight as part of your insurance cover.

Courier/haulier insurance: If you use the van to deliver other people’s goods, you’ll need a dedicated policy. This policy is designed to reflect the fact that a delivery van will typically be on the road for longer than a van that effectively takes someone to and from a place of work. It normally does not cover the items being transported. For that, you need goods in transit cover.

Goods in transit cover: If you use your van to transport cargo, then a goods in transit policy is necessary – you will have to provide details of the type of items you will be carrying, highlighting particularly valuable items or hazardous products.

Pickup truck insurance: Pickup trucks are considered vans because of their long wheelbase, so you will need to purchase van insurance to get the correct cover.

How can you reduce the cost of van insurance?

Van insurance can be expensive, especially if you are using the van for work. Here are some top tips to make sure you get the best value deal.

  • Before you choose any add-ons such as legal fees cover or breakdown cover, read the small print of the policy to avoid buying products you already have.
  • Securing your van with accredited anti-theft devices may lower your premium as it is based on risk, so the lower the risk of theft the lower your premium.
  • If you can, park off-road at night, preferably in a locked yard or garage.
  • Capping annual mileage could help you reduce the premium, but only of you don’t drive many miles each year. This is because the more you drive, the more likely you are to have an accident.
  • Adding a higher voluntary excess can also reduce the cost of your premium, but you will have to pay out more if you make a claim.
  • Don’t auto-renew your policy with the same firm. Insurers tend to reserve their best prices for new customers, and charge existing customers more when they renew.

Vehicle insurance checker

Van Insurance Types

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Cover for convicted drivers

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Monthly Van Insurance

Pay by instalments with monthly cover

Business Van Insurance

Find cheap business policy quotes

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Find cheap cover for young drivers

Temporary Cover

Get temporary van insurance policies online

Van Insurance Guides

Van Insurance Groups

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Van Warranty

Insure yourself against potentially costly repairs

Why get van insurance?

It is a legal requirement to have van insurance, and cover must be in place all year round under the Continuous Insurance Enforcement regulations. Even if your van is idle in a yard for weeks or even months on end, it must be insured. The only exception is if you get a Statutory Off-Road Notice (SORN) from the DVLA.

There are three levels of cover: third party only; third party fire theft; fully comprehensive.

The first covers your legal liabilities to other road-users and any passengers. The second upgrades this to include certain damage to the vehicle and its being stolen. The third provides the most complete protection if your van is damaged in an accident, stolen or vandalised.

Why compare quotes with us?

In just a few clicks MoneySuperMarket can compare a range of quotes from some of the UK’s leading insurance providers to ensure that you find a policy that is right for you.

And remember, it’s not just about finding the cheapest van insurance quotes, it’s also about finding the right level of cover to match your requirements.

That is why our comparison service allows you to tailor your cover to suit your specific needs. For instance, if you keep tools in your van you’ll need to cover them under the terms of your policy, or you may need additional cover that insures goods in transit if you operate a courier service.

You can add or remove optional extras at any time but remember that getting the right level of cover is more important than simply finding the cheapest van insurance quote.

So compare van insurance quotes now to get the perfect policy at the right price.

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