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What you need to know about learner driver insurance

Learning to drive can be a stressful and expensive experience. The cost of a car, professional lessons, fuel, tax, insurance and tests can quickly add up, so finding a way to check all these boxes at the best price is a priority for many new drivers.

  • The Driving Standards Agency recommends 47 hours of professional tuition, as well as around 20 hours of additional practice for new drivers, before taking a test.
  • Most professional driving schools will include insurance in the cost of their lessons, but if you can get additional practice with a friend or family member, it can really help speed up the process of learning to drive.
  • If you’re practicing in your own car, or the car of a friend or relative, you re going to need a learner driver insurance policy. This can be in the form of a full 12 month policy, starting on your provisional licence and updating when you pass your test, or on a temporary/short-term policy, designed to cover you specifically while you are learning.
  • Insurance companies base the premiums they charge on how much of a risk they believe a person and the car they drive to be, so there s little wonder that learner drivers often struggle to find competitive insurance premiums.
  • You’ll also pay different premiums based on the level of cover you choose. which you can read more about in our guide to the car insurance policy types . can help you find great prices for both regular, 12 month policies and short term learner driver cover. Click ‘Get a car quote ‘ above to start comparing full policies, or the Quote short-term button to visit our partner, Provisional Marmalade. for a provisional licence insurance quote.

If you’re still looking into learning to drive, you can find information to help you with the steps involved in our guide – Learning to drive .

Comparing insurance with compare hundreds of car insurance quotes from dozens of top UK insurers every day, many of whom are able to offer learner driver policies.

  • We compare prices from top insurers across the UK. and you can sort your results based on what s most important to you, whether that s the price. who provides the insurance. or the policy benefits.
  • Clicking on ‘Get a car quote’ at the top of the page uses to compare prices on full length policies from lots of different insurers offering cover for learner car insurance.
  • We also compare quotes from providers of telematics policies. which involve fitting a small black box to your car to monitor your driving habits. These policies are designed for younger drivers and can work out a cheaper way to get insured. You can visit our telematics explained page for more information on how these policies work, or find the policies available to you on the policy prices page once you ve run a quote (just look out for those policies listed as ‘black box insurance’).

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