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Pet Insurance Comparison Overview


———– Embrace Pet Health Insurance

Customizable policies — Signing up for pet health insurance is like adding features to your shopping cart

Sign up interface is intuitive and user friendly

You can choose your own vet as long as he/she is certified

Deductible is applied annually, not per incident as with most pet health insurance plans

Covers dental illness. Most plans cover dental accidents but not dental illness such as gingivitis and periodontitis

Routine and wellness care is offered

Covers genetic breed-specific conditions. Learn more about it here

30 day money back guarantee

——– Cons:

X Some procedures and conditions require pre-certification. Although it is not mandatory it is highly recommended

X Continuing care costs extra and there is a cap of 25% of the policy’s maximum for continuing care

X There are age limitations on illness coverage (If your pet is a certain age, they will only offer accident insurance)

——- Pets Best Insurance

——— Pros:

No annual limits. Per incident limits apply

Offers accident only insurance. Saves you money

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