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Department of Criminology

Criminology at Ryerson

The Criminology program at Ryerson examines the key players and institutions that affect, and are affected by, the justice system and other institutions of regulation. We seek to understand the balancing of the interests of victims, offenders, the public, and politicians along with concerns about human rights and social justice. This makes the field of criminology incredibly dynamic and ever-changing and is reflected in our curriculum. You will learn about the operation of the criminal justice system, the professionals that work within the system, and the various stakeholders that are involved. The ability to think critically about issues in criminology and the substantive knowledge you will acquire, will prepare you for work in criminal justice related fields as well as postgraduate education. Read More

    Department: In keeping with Ryerson’s tradition of being deeply connected to one of the world’s most culturally and linguistically diverse urban centres, our 3-semester MA emphasizes social justice and critical analyses of existing criminal justice, legal and social structures

    Department: The global fight against large-scale corruption has generated widespread attention and action from governments, NGOs, businesses and academics. But is all this discussion and action accomplishing any reduction in corruption, or is it little more than new laws and policies with no teeth, no resources for enforcement and no will to implement from political and business elites?

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