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With more than half of Network Solutions’ customer base ready to bolt to the nearest competitor and company sales and market share declining, Mitchell knew he had to clean up the company’s customer service act.

While the potential power of anytime, anywhere customer service will help a company acquire and retain customers, failing to use emerging technologies could risk a company’s retention rate and, ultimately, its market viability.

But you have to implement customer service and time-based management from the bottom of the company — as a matter of fact, from the shop floor.

throughout Ohio and Indiana can now call a single 1-800 customer service line for account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our new in-house customer service function will help FSV in our drive to provide world-class service to our customers by responding to and solving their problems promptly, efficiently, and politely.

When you do business online, quite often the most important part of the sale isn’t offering lower prices or free delivery, it’s hands-on customer service .

Many consumers feel only somewhat satisfied with credit card customer service. creating an opportunity for enterprising credit card issuers to differentiate themselves from their competitors through enhanced customer care.

KANA’s multi-channel customer service solutions have repeatedly proven their ability to help companies significantly improve service quality, reduce costs and generate additional revenue from effective service and support interactions.

To ensure successful customer service provision, it is essential to have written policies and staff training on both procedural and personal aspects of service delivery.

com), a leading provider of Web solutions, has been recognized for the second consecutive year for providing an outstanding customer service experience under the J.

Expensive newspaper ads and slick four-color brochures which tout the qualities of a facility do not compensate for poor customer service .

Our customer service center agents are the frontline to our customers, and it is imperative each experience is outstanding,” commented Mike Muoio, CEO for Lillian Vernon.

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