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Canada’s Collection Industry Leader Since 1932

Located in the heart of the Niagara region and in downtown Montreal, we have built a reputation as a fair, progressive, and the most highly respected collection services partner for local businesses throughout Canada. We are very proud to state that many of our original client partnerships have existed for decades and continue to grow today.

Our current spectrum of client partners spans from coast to coast, consisting of small, medium and enterprise sized businesses; major regional, provincial and national organizations also regularly and consistently rely on us.

Having a Hard Time Collecting?

The faster you get your accounts receivable in line, the stronger the impact on your bottom line. Call 800-263-4764 today! If your business is having a difficult go at collecting accounts receivable, and bad debt write off, call on CBSCanada to add traction to help manage your collection activity. Our more than 85 years of industry experience makes us an invaluable partner in your receivable management and debt collection strategy.

What We Do

CBSCanada offers a full suite of collections and receivables management (account recovery) services, as well as professional screening tools.

Our services are available to a wide spectrum of clients and customers, including:

  • Small and medium sized private businesses (sole proprietors, partnerships and small or medium sized corporations)
  • Large public and private corporations; regional or national entities (including regional governmental organizations and bodies in healthcare, provincial offenses, utilities and large-scale retail sectors, among others)
  • Financial institutions (banks and credit lenders)

Our clients depend on us for:

  • Pre-collection strategies and letter services
  • Traditional third-party collection agency (receivables recovery) services
  • Legal collection services and court action recoveries through litigation and civil demand
  • Criminal background checks, including Human Resources screening tools
  • Consumer and commercial credit reporting, risk minimization and customer screening tools

CBSCanada is a boutique agency that prides itself on specifically tailoring our solutions to the suit the needs and demands of each client.

Collection & Recovery Services

Our professionals use the most effective collection techniques and best practices to ensure you get your outstanding receivables on time. We are experts in handling outstanding receivables and bad-debts, understanding all stages of the life-cycle of debt. We also pre-empt this process altogether with pre-collection letter services that save you time, money, and your positive relationships with your clients.

In addition to full scale collection and recovery services for your stubborn debtors we offer pre-collection letter packages for you to purchase to give your customer an extra nudge before you send their account out for collection. Alternatively we can pursue your most challenging debtors legally through a court action recovery strategy.

Legal Collections

Debt collection agencies face a number of rules and regulations they must follow before having the ability to collect debt in Canada. Regular agency audits, annual staff exams, and submission of collection letters to the Canadian government for approval before being sent are just some of these regulations.

Screening & Credit Risk Minimization Tools

Our clients rely on our exclusive and easy to use professional tools to gauge and minimize customer credit risk and to conduct background screening and credit checks on employees and recruits.

CBSCanada’s screening tools can help your business make informed decisions before granting payment terms, writing off accounts, or using CBSCanada to collect on bad-debts.

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