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Affordable Dental Health Care Options

  • • Save your company time, money hassle
  • • Give your employees valuable savings plan options
  • • Help attract maintain a healthy, happy staff
  • • Over 40 top rated plans

Take Good Care of Your Team – and Your Company

Offer the very best to your employees with comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-manage savings plans for groups.

Your employees enjoy significant savings on dental treatment, telemedicine, vision/ LASIK, hearing, fitness programs, and healthcare support services

  • 10%-60% savings on dental care from a nationwide network of dentists
  • Fast, free access to doctors and other healthcare professionals around the clock
  • Skipping ER/Urgent Care/Doctor office visits for non-emergency treatment
  • Help managing medical insurance claims, and reducing amount owed on medical bills
  • Trustworthy, timely resources on medical and wellness issues

Your company saves time, money and adds a new competitive edge with dental and healthcare savings plans

  • Select from more than 30 top-rated plans: Dental, Telemedicine, or our best value Dental and Telemedicine bundles
  • Gain a significant competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining high-value employees
  • Turnkey solution provides easy implementation
  • Reduce time and hassles associated with managing traditional group benefit plans

To learn more about the business advantages of group discount dental plans, please complete the Group Services Contact Form.

What Are Dental Savings Plans?

Dental Savings Plans for groups provides an affordable alternative to group dental insurance. For a low annual or monthly fee. plan members get access to a nationwide network of more than 100,000 dentists who offer discounts on their standard rates to plan members.

Typical savings range from 10%-60%. Unlike traditional dental insurance, there are no yearly caps (maximums), no restrictions on pre-existing conditions and many plans offer savings on braces and dental cosmetic services along with discounts on prescriptions, vision and hearing care.

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine eliminates much of the cost, anxiety, and time-wasting annoyances associated with getting professional medical care for common conditions like allergies, rashes, colds and flu, sinus infections, and other easily diagnosed and treated illnesses.

With a telemedicine service, instead of visiting a doctor the patient chats with the doctor via phone, a smartphone app or a computer/tablet. The patient can describe symptoms, share photos or use video chat to show the doctor any visible symptoms such as a rash. The doctor will then typically provide advice for treating the problem at home, and may phone a prescription into the pharmacy of your choice if medically applicable to the situation.

Choose from :DPHealthNow (telemedicine only bundle) or :DP SmartHealth (telemedicine and dental savings plan bundle) for groups.

Complete the Group Services Contact Form to learn more about dental and healthcare savings for groups.

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