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Protect your lubricants and equipment
with Des-Case specialty filtration products

In 2009, the General Mills plant in Murfreesboro, TN underwent several component failure analyses on its equipment and found that a majority of the root causes were directly related to lubrication. This discovery became the catalyst to begin their journey of building a world-class lubrication program. In this article, Corey Kriegermeier, principal engineer for General Mills, reveals phase one of this journey and the success they’ve achieved.

Imagine a scenario where the power has shut down at your hospital. This shouldn’t be an issue, right? The backup generator will save the day, right? What if the backup generator doesn’t start?

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are at risk for equipment interruptions – posing threats to patients – if assets such as essential electrical systems and HVAC units aren’t properly maintained.

What if you could win up to $30,000* of Des-Case products to outfit the lube room at your plant? You’d be a reliability hero!

Soon, this could be your reality. Des-Case is proud to announce our first ever Lube Room Makeover Contest!

In its June 2017 issue, Machinery and Equipment MRO interviewed three oil and lubrication specialists, one of which was Mark Barnes, Des-Case’s VP of Services, to uncover industry trends that are important to suppliers and users alike. They were asked to consider factors that significantly influence decision-making on more easily protecting equipment, and to share insights on what’s new, what holds valueand provides improvements, as well as what helps solve common problems.

In pulp and paper facilities, the high temperatures, high humidity, and constant water ingress that occur are particularly challenging and can adversely impact productivity and uptime. Effective water removal and lubricant filtration and protection are critical to increasing the life of equipment and minimizing downtime.

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