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Ecar Insurance Customer Service Contact Number UK

Call the Ecar Insurance contact number when something has gone wrong and you need advice immediately.

Call Ecar Insurance Customer Services If You:

  • Wish to make a claim.
  • Want to create, amend, renew or cancel a policy.
  • Need to make a complaint about your policy.

Who Are Ecar and What Do They Do?

Ecar are an online insurance company. The company is made up of several different branches, such as eBike, eHome and eVan. For more information on eGroup, call the Ecar contact number. The company have sold over one million policies and are one of the UK s fastest growing online only companies. By operating as online only, Ecar allows you to tailor your policy to your needs. This means you can get a quote and buy at a time that suits you, as well as make adjustments depending on your circumstances. Policies come with benefits such as money saving vouchers, and 365 day European drive cover. The company now employs around 250 at their offices in Bristol and Newcastle. eGroup regard themselves as a successful, young company who are completely dedicated to their customers and offer great benefits compared to their rivals. Their success relies on that of great products, competitive pricing and a real belief in their employees. For more about Ecar s products, call the Ecar phone number.

Types of Insurance

Car Insurance

Standard Annual Policy

The Standard Policy is an annual policy that covers up to four drivers on four different cars. The policy also offers a years cover within a country in the European Union. Once you have earned five years No Claims discount on this policy, it will remain the whole time that you are an eCar customer. If you claim after the five years, your discount will not go down. 

Short Term Policy (1-28 days)

eCar offers shorter term cover for people who find it more convenient to get short term cover for their car rather than the whole year. This could be if you need it for a one-off occasion or unexpected times. This type of cover is useful if you are driving a friend s car for a temporary period (eg. an airport trip), insuring another person for shared driving on a long trip or test driving a car which you may purchase or using a courtesy car.

Pay As You Go Monthly Policy

eCar Pay As You Go monthly policy allows you to purchase cover as and when you need it. You can purchase this policy one month at a time and switch it off when it is not required. A renewal notice will be sent before the end of the policy- if you want it to renew, do nothing and the monthly premium will be taken from your account, if you want to cancel, go online to your account.

Business Car Insurance

eCar provides insurance to cars who need insurance for business use.

Bike Insurance 

Classic Bike Policy

Classic Bike insurance is for classic bike enthusiasts. To qualify, you and your bike must meet a few conditions. The bike must be over 20 years old, registered in the UK and kept in a garage overnight. You must be the owner and between 25-69 years old. In return, you can benefit from cover for up to 4 riders, no mileage restrictions and more.

Pay As You Go Monthly Policy

This works in the same way as a car policy- you pay for your insurance monthly. However, with bike insurance you can earn one year s No Claims bonus for just 8 months of cover.

Van Insurance 

Standard Annual Policy

The Standard van policy allows you to cover up to 4 different drivers on 4 different vans. Like the standard car insurance, you can get 365 days cover in the EU.

Pay As You Go Monthly Policy

This policy allows you to purchase cover as and when you need it. The monthly rate you are quoted will be guaranteed for eight months.

Van Courier Insurance

Van courier insurance has a Standard policy and Pay Monthly policy so you can choose which is best for your needs.

Home Insurance 

eHome Insurance is now One Home Insurance but still has all the benefits of an eCar policy. With all eCar policies, you can maintain your policy online. Simply log in to change your car details, add a named driver or renew your existing policy.

Insurance FAQs

Can I get instant cover?

Yes, you just have to specify the date and time that you want your policy to begin.

How do I make a claim? 

You must report any incident to eCar within 48 hours even if you are not claiming. Failing to do so means that you will be liable for any claims against you.

What information do I need to provide to be insured?

You are expected to provide complete and accurate information when you take out your insurance policy. You must answer all questions honestly or your claim may be rejected or your policy cancelled. Always keep any copies of correspondence regarding your insurance.

What is an excess? How do I find mine out?

An excess is an amount you must pay towards an applicable claim. It is split between a compulsory excess which you have to pay and a voluntary excess which can be paid to reduce the premium. 

How do I renew my policy?

You can renew your policy online. After you renew, you cannot make any changes until after your policy renewal date has passed. If you are a pay as you go customer, you must advise of any convictions that you have gained since your last renewal. Failure to do will invalidate your policy and you may not be able to get the full amount of your claim.

Ecar s Origins

Ecar was founded in 2004 by senior executives in the insurance industry as an online only company. At first, they only provided bike insurance but this proved to be so successful that they began to also provide car, home and van insurance.

eCar Insurance s postal address is:

eCar Insurance website shuts down after cyber attack

October 14th, 2015

The eCar insurance website shut down earlier this month as The Brightside Group, manager of eCar and several other insurance sites, identified a breach in its security system.

The cyber attack has concerned many of eCar’s customers who were notified of the breach via email. However, despite the scare, The Brightside Group has stated that there is no evidence to suggest that any personal information was obtained.

Be that as it may, the security breach happened on September 29th, which is now over two weeks ago, and the site is still down. The Brightside Group has attempted to reassure customers by stating the importance of data security and explaining how they are reviewing the site to make sure it has, “the most robust and rigorous security processes in place.” The firm has also asked its customers to call customer enquiries with any concerns.

eCar insurance insists that no data has been stolen, but companies like these need to make sure that preventions are in place so that data never is stolen. The Brightside Group will need to, and hopefully is trying to, find out what systems where affected; how the hackers did it; who did it; if it’s really over; and what the likelihood is of it happening again.

Unfortunately, there is no fool-proof solution for preventing breaches. However, security teams can minimize chances of further breaches by knowing and understanding what is running, reconstructing events, and improving user training and security controls.

It is the first time anything like this has happened to both eCar Insurance and The Brightside Group. Let’s hope it’s the last.

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