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Employee Engagement Survey

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All World-class winning companies have a World-class work culture. This is because they understand the most critical value of employee engagement – Happy customers are the result of happy employees! It is a well proven fact that engaged employees will get you more customers while dis-engaged employees will cost you more customers.

Employee engagement is key to creating a work culture that positively cultivates employee mood and morale, increases workforce productivity and sustains an overall winning and happy workplace.

Employee engagement questionnaires

An Employee Engagement Survey is key to unlocking your business potential by taking a closer look at the state of employee engagement in your organization. It enables you to create a work place culture and atmosphere where employees are excited to come everyday work, a place that is their home when they are at work!

QuestionPro Workforce is a powerful employee engagement platform with several ready made Employee Engagement Survey Templates that lets you create, send and analyse employee engagement survey for deeper and insightful analytics and integrated workforce intelligence.

What is an Employee Engagement Survey?

An Employee Engagement Survey is an online survey that is created and sent to employees of an organization with the primary intent of collecting valuable employee feedback that also makes employees feel more involved, and therefore more engaged, at their workplace.

Here are some of the widely used employee engagement survey types:

Employee Engagement Survey Questions

So how should you construct Employee Engagement Survey Questions?

QuestionPro Workforce comes with a complete package of pre-designed employee engagement survey questions in frameworks with full drag-and-drop functionalities.

Check out these popular employee engagement survey questions in their pre-designed frameworks:

However, if you do want to create employee engagement survey questions from scratch, here is a quick check-list:

Ask more, tell less

Keep your survey questions simple

Have at least one open ended question

Employee Engagement Survey with QuestionPro Workforce – The Employee Engagement Platform, is a rare combination of simplistic usability with sophisticated analytics and insights. What makes our Workforce so unique is that it is the only employee engagement survey and comprehensive employee engagement platform that is built and configured with features that give you maximum employee insights.

In other words, Workforce is in every sense a true Human Insights Platform, making it more than just another employee engagement survey software tool.

How can Employee Engagement Survey enable your business to “win from within”?

Employee Engagement Survey is an effective and data-driven way to engage employees at work by “listening” to them. The core aspect of such a survey is to collect feedback from employees at work, making them feel more involved in certain decision making processes and to identify loopholes in your organizational process.

QuestionPro Workforce’s employee engagement survey software tool gives you critical employee insights, enables you to keep tabs on office mood and morale, increase employee productivity and undertake cross-team evaluations.

Some of the core benefits of conducting periodic and consistent employee engagement surveys and using Workforce’s employee engagement platform and software tool are:

Employee engagement questionnaires

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