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Date Posted: Jul 16, 2008 #1


Insurance in NYS is ridiculous, and I am among the bottom 1% of wage earners in the free world. Insurance still beats gas as the number one pain in the ass of driving, round these parts.

So it ll definitely be something from the 90 s, and something cheap. Im mulling over the following automobiles:

-GM L67. 300whp for as many dollars, or so they say.

-E36 or E34 BMW (will probably need my gf s parents to cosign, but it s a consideration. My gf s older sister is getting her license soon so maybe I ll buy her parents 325i if they don t give it to her)

-Nissan Maxima

-5.0 Mustang, I don t know how insurance is on these though

-SAAB 9000 AERO. It s foreign, so it ll be reliable. knock on wood.

-A 25 year old car, since they qualify for classic car insurance. Oh wait, 25 year old cars aren t fast. Okay, a 35 year old car. Wow, I haven t seen a DD that old in. ever.

What am I forgetting? Oh yeah, I m selling my 1,000,000 mile 200SX back to Datsun as they want to make it a museum piece, or study how it achieved such longevity, or something.

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