Game Servers: For the best price and performance in Dallas, Chicago, New York, LA, San

We now have Conan Exiles dedicated game servers available. You can order them here: True Bare Metal Dedicated Servers for max performance, no virtualization and no artificial limits. All hardware underloaded 25% or more even during peak hours. Solid State Drive array and plenty of peering and transit providers, bandwidth and DDoS protection. Pro-rated [ ]

We have ARK: Survival Evolved dedicated servers available. Steam workshop mods and custom maps are supported. With the current resource usage, the cost to host is the lowest we can charge currently. We expect more and more optimizations will be made, to both the server and client and we will be dropping our pricing accordingly [ ]

Still offering the best prices and performance in the industry on ArmA3, ArmA2, Operation Arrowhead, Combined Operations and more. If you re paying anyone else for one of these and not getting the performance you want, you are paying too much. Seriously. You can switch between these at any time: ArmA3, OA, OA+A2 Combined Operations(As well [ ]

JestServers now has 7 Days to Die servers for rent. You can order them here. Updates are available the moment they are released on steam, no waiting for the host to add the update to their control panel, just click Steam Update. On our setup we ve had nothing but compliments on performance for 7daystodie. [ ]

At JestServers we have been hosting Starbound since it s release in December 2013. You can update your server to the latest version on Steam the moment it is released by clicking the Steam Update button in our control panel. When 1.0 was released we already had our servers working for it. All servers are on [ ]

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I used your service one time for a Mount and Blade server and I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER seen such quality in 14 years of being an administrator and dealing with corporate fluff. You guys are A ?>

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