GEICO vs Progressive – Who Has Cheaper Car Insurance? #payday

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GEICO vs Progressive Who Has Cheaper Car Insurance?

When it comes to buying car insurance online, there are two main players: GEICO and Progressive. You ve seen the cute gecko commercials and Progressive s insurance super market commercials. Which online car insurance company should you insure your vehicles with?  That depends.

Both GEICO and Progressive are solid financially, with GEICO having the backing of Berkshire Hathaway and the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet. Both companies provide easy online quote forms, and a plethora of insurance options that can be customized to your needs.

Both companies also have extensive experience servicing policyholders no matter where you live. Progressive does sell through the independent agent channel, so if you prefer to have an agent to call when the need arises, then Progressive may win your business for that reason.

What your decision may boil down to is simply a matter of dollars and cents. GEICO and Progressive both have excellent customer retension percentages, so there is a good chance you ll be satisfied with whichever company you choose.

But which company, GEICO or Progressive, has the lowest car insurance rates? That, my friend, you ll have to discover for yourself. Each company has their own rates based on an almost infinite number of factors. Do you have any driving violations? How s your credit? Any DUI s? Those will all significantly impact the rates you pay.

In addition to those factors, the types of vehicles you drive, the ages of licensed drivers on your policy, your propensity to file claims and a host of other factors all come into play when comparing car insurance rates.

Once you have both GEICO and Progressive car insurance rates, it all boils down to which company you want to insure with. Some people like the gecko, others like Flo the helpful Progressive saleslady. Once you have your quotes, you ll know who has the cheaper car insurance!