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21st Century Insurance provides what they call just right insurance , financial services and automobile insurance products from personal auto to commercial vehicles. 21st Century Insurance operates differently from other insurance companies in that they do not rely on brokers to sell their products. By eliminating brokers there is no need for an agency or agent costs which saves their customer s money on their policy. No agents also means no high pressure sales techniques to drive up commissions or make sales quotas taking some of the pressure out of buying auto insurance as well.

21st Century Insurance has headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware and although by history it has been most active in California, it is expanding into other states including Texas. 21st Century Insurance was sold by AIG in 2009 and became part of another company, but still sells insurance under its own name and with its own just right insurance motto. You can still buy insurance through 21st Century Insurance without having to deal with a broker or agent so that you can still save money on the insurance that you need.

By eliminating the middleman, insurance policies can be written that are far less expensive than comparable coverage at other companies. 21st Century Insurance does limit their services to preferred risk applicants (good drivers). They sell their insurance policies to their applicants by direct mail campaigns, print and radio advertisements. Because you do not have to worry about an agent trying to make a sale to drive up their own commissions, you know that you are buying the right level of insurance to suit your own personal needs.

If you are in one of the areas that 21st Century Insurance provides coverage, they are worth looking into, especially if you are a preferred risk driver who wants to save money on your next automobile insurance policy.

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