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Arizona Auto Insurance

Car insurance is the law in Arizona. Yet finding cheap car insurance in AZ can be difficult. At Titan Insurance, we help drivers obtain the AZ car insurance coverage they need at prices they can afford. Through a variety of policy options, coverage levels and discounts, we can insure drivers for less than might be expected. We even offer non-credit coverage for drivers who don’t have a credit history.

Insuring drivers with cheap auto insurance in AZ

We make it easy for drivers to obtain cheap car insurance in AZ. Drivers can obtain quotes online, over-the-phone or visit one of our agents in person. From there, it is simple to find the right policy and the right coverage, going well beyond the minimum requirements of AZ auto insurance coverage.

With an AZ owner’s policy, additional drivers may be covered too. With the named insured or resident spouse’s permission, those who drive an insured vehicle will be covered by the owner’s policy (subject to applicable limits, conditions and policy exclusions).

Saving money on Arizona car insurance

Titan’s Arizona car insurance discounts range from our Accident-Free discount to our Multi-Vehicle policy discount. Based on a variety of factors, our Titan agents can design the perfect policy for every driver, ensuring they receive every discount for which they are eligible. Some of our more common AZ auto insurance discounts are:

One of our more unique AZ car insurance discounts is the EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) discount. Just for paying insurance premiums electronically, drivers get a discount on their car insurance!

Driving in Mexico

Living so close to the border, it’s common for vehicle owners to wonder if their policies will cover them if they drive in Mexico. The answer to that is no. In order to comply with Mexico’s auto insurance requirements, separate liability coverage must be purchased from an appropriate insurer. As in the U.S., failure to obtain auto insurance coverage can result in hefty fines and even lead to jail time.

Fortunately, Titan Insurance works closely with Mexican insurers to help U.S. drivers comply with Mexican auto insurance laws.

Help for the uninsured

Arizona operates a state Automobile Insurance Program for drivers who cannot find auto insurance in AZ. The program is part of the Western Association of Automobile Insurance Plans (WAAIP), which helps drivers find insurers who will provide them with the coverage they need.

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