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IDBLUE.HF Features

IDBLUE.HF is the world’s first mobile, Bluetooth® RFID reader for smartphones and tablets. The compact, pen-shaped design complete with stylus tip makes it perfectly suited for Smartphone or tablet applications, particularly in mobile workflows requiring identification and tracking of specific items.

IDBLUE.HF is ideal for RFID solutions in MRO, Healthcare, Tracking and Traceability, and Event Management. IDBLUE.HF offers unparalleled mobility and ease of use for close-proximity RFID applications.

Product Documentation:

Key Features Include:

  • Capacitive Stylus Tip allowing you to seamlessly interact with a variety of handheld mobile devices.
  • Ergonomic Design including a lanyard loop allowing for ultimate portability and convenience.
  • Intuitive User Interface with a simple press and release of a single button to switch on, connect, and read RFID tags.
  • Multi-color Status LEDs provides feedback on battery level, communication status, and RFID related events including successful tag reads.
  • Onboard Data Storage allowing you to record information and one thousand tag id s without being linked to a computing device.
  • Internal Real-time Clock to allow time-stamping of each tag scan.
  • Integrated Bluetooth® 2.1 enables wireless communication to a variety of mobile and desktop devices.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery that allows for full day usage
  • Quick Charge via USB 2.0 allows for subsequent recharging to take a maximum of 1 to 1.5 hours typically
  • Free SDK’s and Advanced APIs with source code make deployment rapid, simple and cost-effective
  • FCC, CE, and IP54 Certified


Value Add Investment

Leverage current smartphone infrastructure to add RFID capability to your operations;

Retain RFID Investment

Evolve your smartphone infrastructure as your business needs evolve. You can roll out new smartphone platforms while retaining your RFID investment;

Adoption of IDBLUE.HF does not prevent you from diversifying or upgrading your smartphone infrastructure as best suits your changing organizational needs;

Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership

An IDBLUE .HF reader combined with your smartphone is more cost effective than a dedicated hand-held reader.

IDBLUE.HF Specifications

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