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“Rural housing finance – Home Purchase Loan”

  • Construction loan

    House Under Construction

    “A Dream Coming True”

    “House construction personal loan & Mortgage finance –

    Home Construction Loan”

  • Construction loan

    A Renovated House

    “Better Living Conditions”

    “Home loan for renovation –

    Home Extension and Renovation Loan”

  • Construction loan

    Affordable Project Loan

    “Catalyst in Housing Supply”

    “Project loan for financing builders –

    Construction Finance To Developers”

  • Construction loan

    “An Ultimate Stability”

    “Cheapest Home and shop loan – Commercial Property Loan”

    Why choose us

    MAS has always endeavored to provide the most efficient financial services to the class of the customers it caters to. Some of the key differentiators which sets MAS apart are –

    Customized Loan
    • Customized Loans Especially To The Informal Class Of The Society
    • Expertise In Serving This Sector Since Over 2 Decaded
    Legal And Technical Compliance
    • Our Stringent Due Diligence Ensures Legal & Technical Compliance Of The Property
    Comprehensive Range Of Products
    • Home Loans For New Home Purchase, Construction, Extension & Renovation
    • Commercial Property Loan
    • Construction Finance To Affordable Housing Project Developers
    Affordable Interest In Its Class
    • MAS Strives To Offer The Most Affordable Rates To The Informal Customer

    Our offerings

    With diverse loans options in its arsenal, MAS is focused on fulfilling the requirements of lower income and middle-income groups of the society. We offer Financial Services for purchase or construction of home and commercial loans, extension and renovation of homes and construction finance for upcoming affordable housing projects.

    Construction loan

    Construction loan

    Construction loan

    Construction loan

    Construction loan

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