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How To Get A Bank Account With No ID

Many folks may wonder how to get a bank account with no ID, particularly in this age when identity theft is rampant. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to open a checking or savings account without identification, whether it s a concern over privacy, you re getting out of homelessness and have no identifying materials, or your new driver s license just hasn t arrived in the mail yet. Before going into any information or tips on opening a bank account, it is imperative that you know it s virtually unfeasible to actually obtain an account without ID. Banks will habitually ask for a few different kinds of classification items (driver s license, Social Security card, birth certificate, passport, proof of residence, and so forth), but they can t typically give you an account if they don t know for sure who you are. Though scant, here is the advice we can offer to you to help you get a bank account with no ID:

  1. Online. If you want an ID-free bank account, you ll most likely want to look into e-banking. Some banks may allow you to establish an account with personal information and a Social Security number, and from there they can identify you via online records. No need to present a license or a photo ID for these types of accounts.
  2. Joint. No, not the kind that makes you see pretty colors. Sometimes, you can share an account with someone and not have to worry about presenting the bank with ID, and then after a few months, you might be able to create your own account without needing to identify yourself.

The aforementioned bits of advice are, quite sincerely, the only pieces of guidance that can be offered. And even then, that one method may not even work; we re not stockpiling all the juicy, infallible secrets of infiltrating the bank system to use for ourselves, there s just really no way you can unquestionably get yourself a bank account without telling someone who you are. The thing is if you go to a bank and say you want to get a bank account with no ID, you will summon the gazes and glares of apprehensive employees. Conversely, it would make it very easy for someone to filch your identity and go about racking up epic debts under your name.

It s in your best interests to just bite the bullet and get a bloody ID, it ll come in handy for things besides opening a bank account. To get a bank account with no ID is just about impossible now since a bank being unable to identify you is not only a risk to you, but also to them. If you really, really don t want to present your identity to a bank employee, then get a safe and keep your money in it. Then bolt the safe to the floor. That way, even if your house burns to the ground and a demonic unicorn eats the ashes, that safe will still almost certainly be in one piece and your money will be all protected.

On top of all that, opening a bank account sans ID will be significantly more expensive, more so than the cost of getting an ID. We mean in the realm of several hundred dollars, whereas opening a bank account with an ID may mean making a minimum deposit of 25 or 30 bucks. If you find a bank that is willing to generate an account for you with no identification, we advocate leaving immediately. A bank that will bestow an account to a nameless somebody is a bank that you cannot trust to keep your money secure.

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