How to Get the Best Car Insurance With the Lowest Premium Rates #what #are #loans

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Before Shopping

Develop a great driving record. Always obey the speed limit and other driving laws. Drive defensively, since even accidents that aren’t your fault will count against you when insurance companies determine your rates.

Stay on your parents’ insurance as long as possible. Your rates will almost definitely go up as soon as you buy your own insurance.

Take a defensive-driving course from the American Safety Council or the National Safety Council. These courses are state-specific, and not all insurance companies offer discounts based on them.

Maintain a good credit score. Some insurance companies offer discounts based on a good credit score.

While Choosing

Compare prices from different insurance companies. Despite offering essentially the same product, insurance prices can vary widely. Select the least expensive three or four to investigate further.

If you have renter’s, homeowner’s or life insurance, call your current company and ask for auto rates. Some will give you a multiple-policy discount.

Call the companies you want to compare. Ask for group rates if you belong to organizations such as AARP, the military or a fraternity. Also ask about any other discounts, such as those for special vehicular safety equipment.

Determine final costs after discounts are applied and choose your insurer based on the final price.

Purchase and Maintenance

When you purchase your insurance, choose a high deductible. Put the money you save in a savings account and use it to pay the deductible if you have an accident.

Pay as much of your insurance coverage as possible in advance. Monthly rates are more affordable, but they also add significant costs to your overall cost.

Always maintain coverage with no lapses. Insurers generally charge more for reinstatement of insurance, and your rates thereafter will be higher.

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