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Personal Liability Umbrella Policies Help Protect You from Insurance Liability

You’ve worked hard for what you have. Now, consider this: You’re facing a claim for damages because of an accident that resulted in injuries to someone or a loss to their property. Your underlying policies may provide substantial insurance liability limits, but they may not be enough to protect you from personal exposure or financial disaster.

One Major Insurance Liability Claim or Lawsuit and You Could be at Substantial Financial Risk

Injury and property losses can be significant. Judgments amounting to thousands or even millions are being awarded by juries across the country in ever-increasing numbers. Even though your underlying policies (like auto, homeowners, or boatowners) may provide substantial liability limits, it may not be enough. A State Farm Personal Liability Umbrella Policy (PLUP) may provide the additional liability coverage you need to protect your financial future.

Examples of when a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy may protect you. 1

Auto While driving, you change lanes and cause an accident. The accident results in multiple injuries to passengers of another vehicle.

Home While cooking, you leave your stove unattended. In addition to damaging your property, the fire also damages your neighbor’s property and injures your neighbors. That means you may have to pay for any repairs to your neighbor’s dwelling as well as any of their claim for injuries.

Home While on your property, a guest slips on your sidewalk or falls from your trampoline. The injured person could file a claim against you.

Boat While operating your boat, you hit a water-skier and cause serious injury. There are damages for injuries over the underlying liability limits of your boatowners policy.

Other Features of a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy

  • A State Farm Personal Liability Umbrella Policy provides you additional liability protection at an affordable price.
  • It may provide you protection against personal injury claims for some situations that may not be covered by your underlying auto or home policy, such as defamation of character, libel, or slander.
  • It may provide you coverage to pay for some legal costs to defend claims or lawsuits brought against you.
  • It provides you coverage in increments of $1 million.
  • It’s Your Financial Future Protect it with a Company You Can Trust

    • Your life changes. Let a State Farm agent help you manage your changing insurance and financial needs, from starting a family, to buying a home, to planning for retirement.
    • We’re here when you need us most. We have one of the world’s largest professional claim networks, so we can settle your claims quickly and fairly.

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