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Located within the Great Smoky Mountains foothills, Knoxville, TN has delivered the area’s finest southern hospitality alongside riveting weekend locations. Filled with rich nightlife culture, expansive festivals and intensive diversity, the area’s high-quality excursion locations guarantee excitement. From. Read More

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Knoxville has dozens upon dozens of neighborhoods. For ease and convenience, Knoxville is divided into the downtown area, and four regions. There is North Knoxville, East Knoxville, South Knoxville, and West Knoxville. Of course, downtown is the heart of the city. North Knoxville includes Fountain City and. Read More

Life Insurance

Did you know Knoxville has two regional malls? How about the fact that the city has 182 shopping centers and factory outlets? Overall, there are over 2,400 retail establishments in the community. That is a lot of shopping choices and options are good. When you have choices you can find a wider range of products. Read More

Before you hop into your car for a trip into the beautiful Great Smokey Mountains National Park, have you checked to see if you are getting the best rates on your home and auto insurance? Shopping around for the best rates on insurance can be a long and cumbersome task, but your Knoxville, TN insurance agents at Sparks Insurance have made it easier than ever. Comparative quoting is available in one easy spot directly on our website for both auto insurance and home insurance.

Although home insurance is not required by law in Tennessee, there are so many scenarios in which not having insurance could be financially devastating. As your independent agent, we can help you find the appropriate coverage for your home and your situation. With our easy online comparative quotes, you can rest assured you won’t be paying more in order to get the necessary coverage you need.

It is important to speak with Knoxville, TN insurance agents about auto insurance because this is a state requirement and pricing varies widely from carrier to carrier. In Tennessee, all vehicles must carry a minimum of liability insurance to protect you in the event an accident that causes damage or harm to another party. However, it is advisable to carry more coverage than just this minimum in order to protect yourself from damage or injury costs as well. Our online quote comparisons at Sparks Insurance is the best tool for finding the lowest rates that fit your budget while ensuring you get adequate coverage to keep yourself protected.

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