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car brands

Car brands

From clothing to yacht to electrical goods, we have seen a lot of things are now “Made in China” including cars, trucks, and commercial cars. Approximately, there are about 19 million cars were built in China over these years. Therefore, it is a must to know all the Chinese car brands and recognize their logos although not much of them are available in the U.S. right now. Currently, there are 61 Chinese car brands listed here from A to Z. Please contact us or drop your comment here if you found any car brands in China that is missing from the list.

Beijing Automobile Works (BAW)

Chang an (Also known as Chana)

Chery (Pronounce as Qirui in Chinese)

Dadi (Professional pick-up and SUV manufacturer in China)

Dongfeng (East Wind One of the largest automaker in China)

Dongnan (South East, also known as SEM)

FAW Tianjin (Xiali)

First Automobile Works (FAW)

Geely (Jili It means good luck in Chinese)

Great Wall Motor

Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group (GAIG) (One of the most famous car brands in China)

Hafei (Famous for manufacturing minivan and small passenger cars in China)

Heibao (It means black panther in Chinese, meaning the car run fast like it?)

Hongqi (Red Flag)

Jiangling (JMC) Official website:

Li Nian (Everus) (?? It means idea/concept in Chinese)

Qingling Official website:

Roewe (Technology acquired from Rover)

SAIC (China s largest car manufacturers)

Tianma (Heavenly Horse)

Xinkai Official website:

Yutong (Mostly focus on bus manufacturing)

Zhong Tai (Electric Cars)

Zhongshun (Polarsun Automobile

Zotye (?? in Chinese)

After seeing all these Chinese car brands, how much you wish to own one of these Chinese cars?

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