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List Of Waterproof Smartphones 2017

Looking for a smartphone to take to beach and pool parties? Rugged and waterproof smartphones are ideally more durable compared to conventional models, and are more likely to protect your phone from short-circuits due to water submersion.

Don’t just look at the names, though, as many smartphones claim to be waterproof with tags associated to water bodies. A true waterproof devices is tested, and then rated by third party organizations in two ways. Ingress Protection (IP) tests assess the level of protection that a device has when exposed to water or dust — an IP rating of 8 means that the device is fully submersible underwater for long periods of time. On the other hand, Military Specifications and Standards (MIL-STD) test the performance of devices under certain scenarios. Our list includes high-end waterproofed Xperias from Sony, some compact water-resistant basic models like the Samsung Solid, as well as the Land Rover A8 from rugged manufacturer, Sonim.

Listed here are basic phones and waterproof smartphones with a rugged rating in either the IP or MIL-STD format. Additionally, they are all particularly described as waterproof by their respective manufacturers.

The List:

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus features a hallmark release of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that equips it with a highly-promising max clock speed of 2.35GHz and eight cores.

  • Rugged rating: IP68-rated water-resistant
  • Includes:
      AKG headphones

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