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How to get LittleBox

One of the main obstacles preventing newly qualified motorists taking advantage of their licence is the high cost of young drivers insurance. Young drivers car insurance can often cost thousands of pounds each year, making it difficult for the majority of these motorists to run their own vehicle.

Admiral LittleBox is aimed at helping lower the cost of young drivers insurance premiums and allowing them to demonstrate their ability behind the wheel. Instead of being branded as reckless drivers because of the actions of other youths and their high claim rates, Littlebox gives you the opportunity to be treated as an individual.

Why is young drivers’ insurance so expensive?

Young drivers are seen by many car insurance companies and fellow motorists as being one of the greatest causes of accidents on the road.

Research by the Association of British Insurers has demonstrated this point, finding that 18 year-old drivers are three times more likely to be involved in an accident than their 48 year-old counterparts (source: ABI 31/10/2012). However, LittleBox by Admiral allows motorists to stand out from the statistics and receive the young drivers insurance policy they deserve.

Benefits of Admiral LittleBox

Obviously the main advantage of LittleBox is helping motorists overcome the high premiums associated with young drivers car insurance.

We will cover the cost of having the device fitted to your car as well as immediately giving you a discount on your young drivers car insurance.

LittleBox young drivers insurance provides a courtesy car while yours is repaired at one of our approved repairers if you take out a comprehensive policy.

Additionally, Littlebox offers inclusive National Plus Breakdown cover and Theft Tracking in the event of your vehicle being stolen – to keep you worry-free when on the road.

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