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Liverpool Victoria / LV= Car Insurance Review

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LV= (Liverpool Victoria) help approximately 3.8 million people with its range of savings, investments and insurance. Its car insurance service has gained rave reviews and has been given the coveted Defaqto 5 star rating 7 years in succession. According to the company website, more than 1,000 people purchase LV= car insurance each day with over 500,000 new policies taken out over the 12 month period from August 2012 – July 2013.


  • Accidental damage to your car
  • £10,000 personal accident cover if you or your partner are injured in an accident
  • Damage cover if you use the wrong fuel
  • £200 personal belongings cover
  • Windscreen repair service
  • Replacement child car seats
  • New-for-old car replacement if your vehicle is less than a year old

Extra Coverage Options

As well as offering a 5 year guarantee on car repairs and a discount when you insure two or more cars, LV= has a range of additional coverage options to choose from:

  • Legal Expenses Cover – You receive up to £100,000 to recover uninsured losses such as personal injury compensation or to defend against a prosecution arising from an auto accident when you were using the car.
  • Personal Accident Cover – Again, you are covered for up to £100,000 if you or your partner suffers an injury in any car. You get £10,000 of cover with the comprehensive option and additional cover is available.
  • Breakdown Cover – This gives you access to 3,000 breakdown professionals, five different levels of cover to choose from with over three-quarters of all breakdowns fixed at the roadside.
  • Guaranteed Courtesy Car – You receive a courtesy car for up to 14 days if your vehicle is stolen or beyond repair.
  • European Car Insurance Cover – Extra coverage that protects you during trips of up to 180 days with the security of having the same level of cover that you get in the UK.

LV= does not hold anything back with this array of services.

Verdict *****

Value for Money

Thousands of new customers are extremely surprised and delighted with the low cost car insurance coverage they receive from LV=. Most have switched from so-called ‘budget’ insurers and now enjoy better protection for a much lower price. Unlike other insurers, customers note that they continue to receive excellent value for money quotes when they renew their car insurance as the company seems keen to retain its existing customer base; something which is not always apparent in other insurers we have reviewed.

The website has also garnered praise for being easy to use and customers enjoy the fact that they can automatically renew online in a matter of moments. The combination of competitive quotes and ease of use means that LV= is on to a winner in the eyes of the general public. Perhaps this explains why its customer base is growing year after year.

LV= appear to have a transparent quote and renewal system in place which means customers can quickly and easily make a purchase.

Verdict ****

Customer Service

As is virtually always the case with car insurance companies, reviews of customer service vary depending on individual experience. While LV= does have its fair share of criticism, it generally comes out on top when it comes to customer service. On the negative side, customers have complained that LV= forces them to make claims against their will and the company’s staff have been accused of rudeness on many occasions.

On the positive side, there have been a multitude of happy customers speaking of the customer service in glowing terms. LV= have call centres in the UK and are typically prompt when it comes to answering the phone. Others have spoken of having been in bad accidents with LV= representatives arriving quickly to collect the cars and ensure the passengers were okay. In most instances, LV= delivered on its free courtesy car promise and is generally quite helpful.

LV= has its critics but appears to hold genuine concern for customers.

Verdict ****

Claims Handling Fairness

This is another category where LV= does rather well. As well as being quickly on the scene to most accidents, claims are often handled to a customer’s satisfaction within a matter of weeks. Reports suggest that LV= Claims Assessors are thorough, professional and polite when it comes to dealing with claims. In most cases, these assessors are sympathetic and appear to be genuinely interested in sorting out the case rather than proceeding with open suspicion.

Even claims worth several thousand pounds are taken care of quickly and efficiently. The LV= website also makes it very easy to make a claim with separate sections for new and existing claims.

Overall, LV= provides a more than satisfactory service in this regard and deserves credit for its consistent approach to solving claims.

Verdict ****


LV= is starting to develop a reputation for low cost car insurance coupled with excellent customer service, a fair claims process and a wide range of extra coverage options. While there are still some areas that need to be worked on, the company deserves a great deal of credit for its existing service and will hopefully push on to become one of the best in the business.

Verdict ****

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