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Low Cost Auto Insurance

Finding low cost auto insurance with great customer service is the goal of most United States consumers. Automobile policies are not only mandatory by most states but also provide useful protection against financial losses.

Let us help you find low cost auto insurance with one simple process:

One carrier can offer cheap auto insurance prices for a certain person and some of the highest for another. That is because carriers determine their rates on many different factors about not only the driver but also the vehicle and even where one lives or parks the automobile when unused.

There has been talk about laws being introduced prohibiting insurers from basing rates on where drivers reside or garage their vehicles; however, using territory as a means of determining rates is legal and is used by most providers.

If drivers live in certain areas of high traffic, their premium may be quite high. There are some government programs designed for the lower income consumer living in a high traffic area. Since having coverage is a law in most states, the program is designed to provide assistance for those who cannot afford insuring their vehicle.

You may be wondering why some carriers are cheaper than others when it comes to their rates. The reason behind that is explained in our article Car Insurance – What Determines Rates. There drivers can find details on what carriers look at when generating a price quote.

One such program is the low cost auto insurance program that California has in place to assist those living in a high traffic area that generates higher premiums. Nearly 20,000 drivers throughout the state remain uninsured because they simply cannot afford it, which puts them, as well as other drivers, at risk. In order to be eligible for the program, one must meet the following requirements:

  • Low income has to be equal to or less than $27,225 for one person, $36,775 for two, $55,875 for four and $94,075 for eight persons.
  • One must fit into the good driver category, which means he or she has no more than one at-fault accident and no more than one violation point within three years.
  • There is also a minimum age requirement of 19, and drivers must be continuously licensed for at least the past three years.
  • Other limitations may apply.

Even if drivers do not qualify for the low cost program, we can help them find cheap rates. OnlineAutoInsurance.com does this by providing one simple form for shoppers to fill out and quickly receive multiple rate quotes.

Questions Regarding Low Cost Auto Insurance

The California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (CLCA) was designed to help Californians that are considered good drivers and can demonstrate financial need with the ability to obtain liability coverage at an affordable rate. In order to gain assistance from the program, motorists will need to complete a questionnaire test provided by.

Locating the lowest costing coverage for automobiles is best achieved by shopping around and comparing quotes from multiple companies. Since no two insurers are the same when it comes to pricing, consumers will have to put in a little effort in order to.

News about Low Cost and Low Income Coverage

July 29, 2013 – With a recent study suggesting that low-income drivers pay more for auto insurance, Online Auto Insurance (OAI) checked to see what states offer assistance to drivers at or below the poverty line. It’s a small list. California, New Jersey, and Hawaii offer government-backed programs to keep low-income drivers insured. And.

December 12, 2011 – Low-income California motorists will be able to get instant proof of auto insurance starting Monday, thanks to upgrades to a state-run program that provides coverage at low rates. Until now, consumers who were enrolled in the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (CLCA) had to wait two weeks for proof.

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