Luxurious 6×6 Beast From Stuttgart #ford #earthroamer


Here s one that showed up on the German version of Yahoo! Autos about a year back, and it s gorgeous. Based on the Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733A 6 6 chassis, these luxury motorhomes were shipped to wealthy customers in Ulan Bator, the capitol of Mongolia, a place where this type of vehicle can really shine. The camper body was built by the German company Hartmann. based in Alsfeld, with interior work by another firm, Hünerkopf in Neukirchen. The final price for all this off-road luxury is approximately €800,000 (or around $1,050,000).

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The Zetros chassis is typically destined for military use, and is thus extremely durable, and more than powerful enough for this purpose. Power comes from a 7.2l inline 6 cylinder diesel delivering 326 horses and 960 Nm of torque. There s no word on if this civilian version of the Zetros has been modified to surpass the military version s 55mph top speed, although on the roads around Ulan Bator, that may not be a concern. The drivetrain also features three selectable differential locks, which are extremely handy when the terrain gets nasty.

The cab itself features all of the typical luxuries; comfortable air ride seats, air conditioning, stereo with bluetooth, and 7 touch-screen with an integrated monitor for the rear-view camera. On top of the cab is a cargo rack that also includes a bevy of auxiliary lights, and behind the grille are multiple LED flashers in red and blue, which is probably legal if you re extremely wealthy and live in Mongolia. The vehicle, of course, carrier multiple spare tires on an articulated lift system built into the back of the camper body, and the vehicle holds 500 liters (132 gallons) of diesel for those long trips from home. The insulated camper box measures 7.1m x 2.5m x 2m (23 3 x 8 2 x 6 6 ) and features double glazed windows, which all open and all feature fine mosquito screens.

But the interior is what drew me to this vehicle more than anything else; featuring luxurious, heated marble floors and beautiful minimalist woodwork throughout. It sounds over the top, but compared to many other high-end motorhomes, it s actually wonderfully restrained and quite beautiful. The vehicle features a separate master bedroom as well as an electrically-lifted system which converts the dining area into additional berths. The media system consists of multiple flat panel TVs built into the walls of each room, a satellite receiver, DVD, a built-in Mac Mini, wireless router, and a sound system by Bose. This is powered by a diesel generator charging four 220 amp-hour batteries which also receive juice from the roof-mounted solar array. When the weather is too warm to warrant the radiant floor heating, air conditioning is provided, and is controlled individually in each room. The kitchen provides all of the typical niceties, and the bathroom goes one up on the standard fare by offering both a standalone shower and a bidet. There s an outdoor shower too, if the weather and local customs are cooperative.

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