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Massey Business School Te Kura Whai Pakihi

The Massey Business School is one of New Zealand s leading and largest business schools and is ranked in the top 2% globally. We offer world-leading, relevant, flexible, research-led tertiary education, that prepares students for the first job – and beyond. As a business you can access our relevant and topical research and services to help your organisation grow.

Whether you are interested in postgraduate learning or starting your first degree, our research-led teaching will help you gain a relevant, comprehensive business qualification. We have the most extensive range of distance-learning offerings of any New Zealand business school and we welcome many international students.

We offer internationally-renowned professional development, entrepreneurial start-up support and in-depth consultancy services that are relevant to business needs today. Massey Business School’s world-leading services and research will help you and your organisation gain the edge.

Our research focuses on excellence in areas that are relevant to New Zealand and international business. These include agrifood business, financial services, innovation and entrepreneurship and responsibility and citizenship. We have been recognised internationally for our work in making research more accessible

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